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Muslim countries are observing Eid-ul-Fitr today. After 30 long days of fasting, this is a reward for Muslims to ease out and celebrate. There is something sweet about the last days of Ramzan. The 29th is spent in speculation that whether tomorrow will be Eid or not. If yes then there is a hurry toward markets to get the last things done. If not then the last fast (roza) is spent in the excitement of the next day. Families go out shopping or just to enjoy the “chand raat”. Henna designs, bangles, makeup, and much more. Boys get out with their friends while some accompany their sisters and mothers in shopping. The hustle and bustle, lighting, crowds, and chantings all create a festive environment.

The next morning, which is Eid day, everyone wakes up at the break of dawn. After the Fajr prayer, families start to get ready for congregational prayer. The sky is filled with voices of “Takbir” which means that God is great. There is a hurry in the house to catch a nice spot just behind the imam, who is leading the prayer. Kids are especially excited as they have holidays from school and everything seems thrilling. Girls wash their henna from their hands which they applied at night. Then they wear bangles and traditional clothes, and boys wear kurta shalwar.

The Eid prayer is managed in an open ground or grand mosque so everyone is well accommodated. Every Muslim is standing behind Imam and says prayers. There is quiet on the whole. Little kids sheepishly run or walk between prayer mats. Bangles of women jingle and create a sweet noise. After praying 2 rakaats, the imam delivers Eid khutbah. After the prayers, everyone greets saying, Eid Mubarak. Then the march towards home begins. Where mothers have prepared delicious sweets. It was also the Sunnah of the prophet to eat a date or something sweet before going for Eid prayer. It was also Prophet Muhammad’s Sunnah to give “Fitrana” which is giving some money on behalf of each family member to distribute among the needy. Sheer Khurma, Kheer, and Halwa Poori are the main cuisines. This is the calorie-rich breakfast on Eid day but everyone is happy.

 Then the most important and crucial step comes which is to give “eidi” to children. This is the most awaited and most thrilling part of Eid. Elders give Eid to young ones and then children ran to the nearest toy shops to spend it.

Then most people like to sleep while some do get together with family and friends. Lunches and dinners are also lavishly made by expert women of the household. Nightlife is equally cherished as guests come and everyone enjoys it. There are three days regarded for the Eid holidays and each day is planned for various activities. Whether it be traveling or visiting relatives.


Those people are also remembered who could not celebrate their holidays with their families as Prophet has asked self-sufficient people to. Hence Eid day comes to an end with jubilation and joy for all.                                                                                                                                                      Edited By: Ritaja Kar

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