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Foreign Policy Problems!

To understand Foreign Policy in depth, we must first understand the "problems" that Foreign Policy may face, and secondly, the "options".

Regarding Foreign Policy problems, we do not deal with ideal problems, but we can distinguish between four facts about the so-called dilemmas that may confront a country's Foreign Policy .

First, we must know that most of the problems occurring have many internal impurities, and this makes it difficult for the country to deal with the problem itself. As an example of this, we can talk about AIDS.

AIDS itself is a very big problem that has affected the West. At first, they considered it a health problem, but, there are numerous difficulties with AIDS, and they were later startled to find out that AIDS is also an economic concern, affecting economic growth in some areas, and they also found that it is a military problem because the tasks required of the infected are within the army. Rephrase this sentence.

In addition, AIDS considers itself a human rights problem because people who are infected with it, especially women and children, will not be able to obtain the necessary assistance due to the pressures they face from society. After all, some societies consider AIDS a moral issue and not a disease or health issue.

Secondly, we should know that Foreign Policy problems are rarely solved in haphazard ways, because we are not able to solve the current Foreign Policy problem and move on to another problem at the same time, but instead, we will encounter the same problem repeatedly, so it is very difficult to close one page from the issue and moving on to another.

For example, the US invasion of Afghanistan was marked as a successful invasion, but this problem did not end here after five years the Taliban appeared and this new problem was considered a major problem of US Foreign Policy .

Third, it is better to know that Foreign Policy problems differ from one another in terms of their origin and history.

Therefore, some problems still appear from previous administrations, and here there are two options for the new president, either to continue what the previous president started to deal with the problem or to choose another path and direction, and this is what exposed President Bush at the time to widespread criticism.

Fourthly, one of the Foreign Policy issues was viewed through the lens of international system issues, such as globalization.

Now, moving on to the subject of choices, we must first know that it is one of the issues that can be used to understand Foreign Policy, so our choices will be about what are our goals and what are the threats that we must face.

Then we must choose the possible solution to solve it or we will have multiple problems and before choosing a solution we must choose one of these problems to solve, understand and prioritize over the rest (problem by problem), so we always have a choice.

Finally, we must know that both Foreign Policy problems and its choices are based on the national interest which is a strategic duty of the country, without which the state may collapse.


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