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Inside Of Brooklyn And Bailey Period Poverty Project And How They Are Using Their Influence On Social Media To Spread Awareness On Important Issues.

The Social Talks spoke to Brooklyn and Bailey about their project visiting all 50 states before their next period to raise funds for period poverty. 


Brooklyn and Bailey Mcknight are 22-year-old creators with 6.98 million subscribers on YouTube. They started a series on their channel titled "Visiting All 50 States Before My Next Period" in which they traveled across the country in 22 days. The primary purpose of their journey was to raise funds for period supplies for low-income individuals. 


The goal was to raise $100,000 for the Alliance for Period Supplies; this amount can cover the cost of nearly one million period products. In addition to the trip details, donations for the fundraiser can be made through their Instagram at @brooklynandbaileyin


The playlist of 22 videos on their channel is filled with crazy anecdotes, cultural exposure from every state, and educational information about the social issue that, through interviews, illuminates people's knowledge of the menstrual cycle.

The twins explained in their videos how audience members who are unable to donate can still support the noble cause. They announced that individuals can subscribe to their YouTube channel, as they will be donating one cent for each subscriber. Brooklyn and Bailey stated how getting 100,000 subscribers results in paying for 1,000,000 period products. Using their platform to shed light on a major social issue can have a profoundly positive effect on society. 

The trip began on August 3rd, and in 22 days across 48/50 states, they were able to raise approximately $200,790, which pays for nearly 2,007,900 period products, surpassing their goal. Their mission trip has concluded, but donations can still be made through social media platforms. 


The Road Trip fundraising video used to raise funds and spread awareness about period poverty was entertaining and informative, as they were able to keep their audience engaged while still achieving their goals. Nowadays, success on social media platforms requires the creators to be an empowering individual who is informed about cultural and political issues and consistently engages with their followers, which the twins exemplify on their platforms and videos. 


The authors (Satariano & Wong, 2012) stated in the Global Journal of Community Psychology Practice article that the media has expanded the future of advocacy, it reinforces the connection with supporters and strengthens collective action through rapid and effective communication, social media expands the reach and inclusivity of an advocacy campaign by facilitating supporters to join any cause regardless of timing, geographic location, or disability. 


With numerous platforms, we have every tool to help to expand the reach of information across organizations, communities, individuals, and more. According to Troy Moore, chief of external affairs of the organization “They reached out via social media to the director of Alliance for Period Supplies, Jennifer Gaines, It just evolved into a great campaign that we continue to be thrilled about.”


The Social Talks had the opportunity to conduct an interview with Brooklyn and Bailey via zoom call. The twins emphasized the significance of this project as they described the thrilling encounters they had with communities during their road trip and why they decided to launch a fundraising campaign for menstrual supplies. All of these details are discussed in greater depth in the video interview, which can be viewed by clicking the link provided below.


Brooklyn and Bailey are prime examples of how platforms can influence society to become involved in advocacy issues as opposed to entertainment-related issues. Understanding the significance of this unspoken issue and conversing with the creators of the incredible project while listening to their passion for assisting the communities in any way possible was extremely inspiring.


The twins have utilized their influence on social media to raise awareness of period supplies and pave the way for individuals to continue the conversation about period poverty. We cannot wait to see what the twins have in store for their next project. 


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