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L.I. Man Chases Minor Through Neighborhood

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L.I. Man Chases Minor Through Neighborhood


Richard Watts

November 29, 2023

On Tuesday morning, Nassau County Police arrived at a disturbing call in a Long Island Neighborhood. Police a young girl was found naked and bleeding. The man responsible, ran into a foreclosed property. An eight-hour-long standoff began, the neighborhood was left at a standstill.

When Nassau County Police responded to the call on Roseann Drive in Woodbury, they figured it would be for the same reason they are constantly responding to a familiar neighbor. The squatters in a foreclosed residence on Roseann Drive that neighbors say they’re constantly calling on for domestic disturbances. However, this time at approximately 9 a.m. witnesses say Andreas Omar, 25, was chasing a 14-year-old girl up and down the street.

As the police arrived, Omar fled to the foreclosed house and barricaded himself inside. An eight-hour-long standoff ensued as officers tried to coerce Omar out of the house. While Andreas Omar tried to prevent the inevitable, neighbors began sharing information about the injured young girl with the police.

A young woman rang the doorbells of several homes in the neighborhood over the past summer bleeding naked and asking for help. “This is the second incident they’ve had with a young girl running out of the house … constant problems, always police activity,” said neighbor, Michael Greenbaum when talking with Pix 11. Greenbaum went on to say, “It’s a beautiful neighborhood. We’re happy here. Always very happy here — quiet. The whole school system was in lockdown, so concerned parents. The whole neighborhood is concerned,...“I’d like to see the town get involved and try to resolve that issue and maybe eliminate them from that house because they’re always constant problems.”


Police began to hear Omar smashing and breaking several items inside the home. They decided to go in and apprehend him. Omar was finally arrested without a struggle late Tuesday afternoon. The 14-year-old girl was taken to the hospital and treated for her injuries. Police said they were unaware of the relationship between Omar and the girl however, she voluntarily entered Omar’s home before the incident. Charges against Andreas Omar have yet to be released.


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