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Mass Shooting - An American Epidemic for the Books

Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Mass shooting incidents in the United States of America have skyrocketed to the point of no return, as per the incidents of such kinds being reported on and off. This has now been coined as a unique epidemic in the United States, which houses the largest number of gun manufacturing industries, ammunition stores, firing ranges, etc., leaving vast space for gun enthusiasts to practice their ambition openly, and simultaneously allowing potential individuals with loose hands, access to these killer weapons.

The Columbine High School Massacre was marked as the dawn of entry for this epidemic to come by, followed by the Virginia Tech shooting, and ultimately the Sandy Hook massacre, barging the doors of the United States Congress, into reevaluating gun laws.

Every year, not more than half the population across the country, stages a variety of protests for and against gun laws across the nation, in hopes of disarming or having their 2nd Amendment secured, but amidst the staging, We’ve seen how young people, with delusional mindsets, have free access to these weapons of war and can decide to just pick one up randomly from the nearby gun store, and fly kite with it, while lawmakers only go back & forth on a bill, that rarely turns into a law, disarming these individuals.

Here is the basic chronology: A news story breaks on a mass shooting, occurring in someplace with reported casualties, and ultimately either the police talking down the suspect, or the latter committing suicide. We then read further about the slaughter, and the data presenting the numbers in terms of casualties and age group of the victims, along with more information on who the perpetrator was, and the reason behind executing this move.

Families and loved ones are devastated, with being handed the unfortunate news of never having the possibility to even view the fallen ones, and then interviewed by enormous local media outlets trying to fetch an effective reaction, which is and should be apparent as per human connection. On the other side, the police conducted further investigation into every detail of the shooting, presenting it then to court officials, who would ultimately put an end to this misery legally, although the end was marked the moment the massacre came to a halt.

In the course of a few weeks or months, elected officials, local community leaders, and anyone of interest, pay visits to the families and the memorial set up in remembrance of the victims and have covert discussions, which are usually lost in the air with no further updates on the same. Oftentimes, families, along with the local community staunchs up a series of rallies, usually against guns, and try having a local lawmaker assist them in the creation of a common sense bill, hoping the same turns into a law. We see this back & forth between the families and legislation for months, and as per the old incidents, years, and then the whole thing dries out, waiting for another mass shooting incident to ignite the dosed fire.

Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Now why are things not moving, and what are the possible arguments? The lobbyists are clear about the 2nd amendment - which allows citizens to possess firearms, and use them to defend their freedom, being one of many pillars holding democracy, and getting rid of this would submit them to dictatorship (having one leader steal away their guns), and relegate the country to the danger of being taken away. But the families, aren’t always in demand of taking away your guns, but either increase the bar minimum age for acquiring one or ban certain types of weapons that can cause instant fatality and are solely meant for war. If anything, most of the families of victims also turn out to be gun owners and stand by the 2nd Amendment, but at the expense of life itself. The 2nd Amendment has also been under fire for its value since the 1700s when times required people to dawn the military attire upon comments, but the same law doesn’t apply to this society, as we aren’t seeing foreign invasions on an everyday basis.  The demand to have automatic weapons banned in certain areas, and debar normal civilians' access to them, as these weapons are notoriously mass murdering tools, that wouldn’t need a lot of effort to be used, as opposed to a semi-automatic handgun, which would require the shooter to continually load and reload and pull the trigger to even release one bullet.

As viewers from around the world, read about these horrific events unfolding in what is considered the most developed country in the world - The United States, reckon why ordinary citizens, need wartime weapons in their arsenal to defend themselves, when there is law enforcement, community support, and more. Providing gun access to citizens is also then providing access to criminals with these tools, who get hold of them legally or otherwise, and have the luxury of creating destructive stories for the world to read. A criminal walks up to you and demands actions to be met at gunpoint, but then you’ve got one hiding underneath your waist. You pull it out, and then we have the gunfight at O.K. Corral taking place in a busy commercial street.

People globally are often unable to put their heads around this, thinking how quickly life would take turns and provide paradigm shifts to everyone by having violent street outbursts.

Will taking away guns work? Well, banning assault weapons prevents future generations from acquiring one, however, people would now be left vulnerable to uncertain attacks by criminals illegally possessing arms, so since America has already created a black hole of an armed society, stricter regulations, including bare minimum age restrictions, or a complete ban on military-style weapons can be imposed to bring the fatality rate due to gun violence striking every year, and have lobbyists, lawmakers, and the affected party come to a bipartisan agreement to make the entitlement of destructible tools more of a fever dream for criminals, thereby creating a peaceful ordinance for everyday people.

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