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Shedding, electricity shortage, power cuts, and voltage fluctuations are still some of the major issues in India. Despite being a technologically developed country the state electricity boards are still unable to fulfill the necessary electricity demand of people, and there are many reasons are behind this.

Starting with the responsible citizens of India: most of the bills remain unpaid for months, theft of electricity by people is still a major concern for the Electricity boards. Faulting Electric meters at home to mislead the meter reading just to reduce bills is also why India is unable to meet the electricity demand.

But, what if I tell you that even government offices meant to function properly and without any delay in paying bills, fail to pay for months and do not face any power cut by the electricity board. However, when the common man fails to pay electricity bill the state electricity board start reminding people to pay them, and sometimes even before the due date. Why is the electricity board of Ghaziabad is not doing the same with the government offices in Ghaziabad?

If I talk about government institutions, only around rupees 20 cr. has to be paid and at the local level, the amount is near 16 cr. The highest outstanding is on primary education of more than 7 cr., about 2.5 cr. on rural development department, 4 cr. on the police department. Talking about the local level more than 6 cr. has to be paid by Marg Prakash, more than 1.5 cr. river pollution and over 8 cr. Jalkal department.

Well coming to the dues of govt. departments, then you can't even imagine how slow the process is going by the electricity boards while collecting the remaining bills, Govt. departments in Ghaziabad district and other local level departments have to pay bills of around rupees 36 cr.

 Whether it's the police, education, housing, or any other government department, all are running with free electricity without paying the bills for months now, and sadly the government is doing nothing regarding this. Here is the complete list of dues to be paid by each department-

Department - Outstanding (in Lakhs)

Primary Education-730.29

Home Department Police -- 482.98 Rural Development -235.53

Village Drinking Water Planning Committee-151.43

Secondary Education-82.63

Medical Allopathic - 48.60

Public Health - 28.50


Horticulture Department -82.31

Urban Development, - 44.32

Route lighting at local level-614.16

Jalkal -- 804.01

River Pollution -159.08

State Tube Wells -- 29.13

 All this is very disappointing for the citizens who pay their electricity bills on time as responsible citizens. But this also indicates that in a country like India where the government is meant for the welfare of the people and the government is not following the procedure and process and taking advantage of the loopholes and then expect people to pay the bill on time.  Ensuring development in the country is the responsibility of the government. Departments should work transparently without corruption for this.  

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