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13 Tips for Vlogging in Public

Vlogging is the newest way of documenting and sharing our lives with others, including the internet. Many people vlog about various aspects of their lives. Whether it’s travel, fashion, cooking, crafting, family life, and much more, the possibilities are endless. It all comes down to what image you want to bring to your audience. It may seem terrifying at first, but here are 13 tips to help you get started vlogging in public. 


  1. Start with your smartphone.

There’s nothing wrong with using your smartphone in the beginning. Many phones are capable of recording at 720p, which means high-quality footage. As your skills improve and you can upgrade your equipment as you go.



  1. Invest in a lavalier microphone.

Whether it’s a smartphone or a camera, a microphone is built into it. However, it does not guarantee the best quality audio. A simple purchase of a clip-on lavalier microphone can make all the difference, especially on a windy day. Options may vary depending on your budget and gear. Again, you can enhance it in the future. 



  1. Charge all equipment the night before.

Nothing is more embarrassing or frustrating than running out of battery during a recording session. Your recording may be cut short as a result as well. This is a reliable skill to have in general and you will be thankful that you did it. 



  1. Carry a portable power bank.

You may not be near an outlet to charge your belongings during your adventures. It can also be useful for other occasions, so consider it an investment. My recommendation is the Voltaic Systems Arc 20 Watt Portable Solar Laptop Charger, 24,000mAh | Includes Foldable Panel, USB-C PD Battery Power Bank from Amazon. It’s been able to charge all of my gear while on the go whether it’s a tote bag, a backpack, or even a purse. The solar panel is great if you are an outdoors kind of person. There is a non-solar panel option for those interested. 



  1. Use a tripod or gimbal.

Tripods are useful for a number of reasons. For one they allow for stabilization. They’re also an extension of your arm when filming. For example, the GorillaPod by JOBY can be wrapped around various structures to get any angle you desire. On the other hand, the DJI OM 5 by DJI is a gimbal, which stabilizes your phone for smooth video capture. Options will vary depending on your finances, but find what works for you.  



  1. Bring a friend along.

It’s okay to feel nervous doing this in public because everyone does. That’s where bringing a friend comes in. You’ll feel naturally more calm and outgoing. As time goes on this will be normal when you’re vlogging alone because you will treat the camera as your friend. 



  1. Pick a popular spot.

It may be intimidating to pick a location to shoot, so choose one that’s popular. A tourist destination is perfect because you won’t be the only one there vlogging or taking photos. You may even make friends too. Once you feel more comfortable you’ll be able to go to smaller spots or unfamiliar areas. 



  1. Do everything in multiple takes.

Sometimes we don’t get everything right on the first try and that’s okay. Focus on yourself and what you want to say to your audience. This happens to even the best vloggers. Pause, breathe, and start again.



  1. Film more shots than you think.

It’s better to have more to work with for editing than to struggle to create a narrative with a select number of shots. Whatever you don’t like can always be deleted. You never know what the final product will be until you sit down and edit the footage. You may not have the opportunity to film at that location again so take advantage of your time while you’re there. 



  1. Respect boundaries

Don’t assume you can film everywhere. Ask employees or the business owner if filming is okay before entering an establishment. This is to cultivate a positive relationship and to be polite as not everyone may not know or understand what vlogging is. Smile even under your mask and wave to others. The more friendly you are, the more comfortable others will feel around you. 



  1. Obey traffic laws

Getting shots while driving is cool, but you must still obey all traffic laws and drive safely where you reside. It’s not worth getting pulled over by the police and receiving a ticket. Much less getting into an accident. Protip: If you truly want those shots, consider getting a suction cup mount or a go pro camera and start recording before operating your vehicle. 



  1. Pick three locations, visit two

Have three locations in mind for your shoot, but only visit two. The logic behind this is that you want to have a backup if one of the locations is a bust. Additionally, you may only have enough energy for two places and one meal before heading home for the day. Listen to your body’s limits. 



  1. Dress accordingly

Check the weather accordingly beforehand. It’s important to wear comfortable clothing including proper shoes. The last thing you want to do is underdress or overdress. Your uncomfortableness will show in the vlog and that’s the last thing you want to show your audience. Or in some cases be kicked out of a place because there’s a dress code. 



With all of these tips in mind, go out and practice by creating your first public vlog. It’s ok if it’s not perfect because it doesn’t have to be. What matters is that you made it. The more vlogs you create, the more you will improve. People will remember your successes, not your failures.

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