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In 1868, a man named Jamsetji Tata owned an oil mill, which was facing a loss, and transferred it into a cotton mill. This was the first company for the Tata family. But now Tata’s companies’ names alone would become an article. During the pandemic, he donated Rs. 2000 crores to India alone.

Almost everyone's home would have 4-5 Tata Group products. He is one of the richest men in the world.


Birth and growth:

Ratan Tata was born on December 28th, 1937, to Naval Tata. His father, Naval Tata, was an adopted child by the Tata family. At the age of 10, Ratan Tata’s parents were planning to separate and get divorced. Tata was mostly brought up by his grandmother.

Later, he moved to the US for higher education. There, he fall in love with a girl. He worked there for a living and led a normal life. At that time, he received news about his grandmother’s health. She was not well and wanted to see Ratan Tata. So, he planned to take his love to India and introduce her to his family. But her parents deny taking their daughter with him because at that time there was war tension between India and China..

Soon after, Tata leaves the US and meets her grandma. She asks Ratan Tata to take over business in India. After sometime, he received a message from the US saying his love has married to another man. So, he stays back in India and takes care of the business left by his father. Still, Ratan Tata lives a single life.


Career Start:

Soon, the Tata's business was fully handed over to Ratan Tata. He started Tata Motors as his first project, but he couldn’t succeed in that project. So, he plans to seek the help of Ford Motor Company to takeover Tata Motors.

As we all know, Ford insults India and Ratan Tata too for starting a car company and launching in India. He devalued the cars of Ratan and mocked Tata for launching cars in India. It made Tata work on his project even harder, and he plans to hit that same car in India. At the moment of signing the project, Ratan Tata takes back his words and steps back from selling his project. Even at that moment, Ford demands that they not take the same project with the same value after 5 years. He was sure that this project would become a failure.


Tata’s journey towards success:

Ratan spends a lot of time working on his motors after returning to India, and he gives big hits there. This was his first success.

After this great success, once he was driving his car on the Mumbai Road, it rained heavily, and he was about to see a family driving a scooter. The lady who sits behind tries to cover her two children and her husband with her saree, even though the rain wets them fully. This picture disturbed the heart of Tata, and he plans to manufacture a car that would be affordable for middle-class people at the price of Rs. 1 lakh.

Generally, all manufacturing companies design a project and set their rates based on its worth. But for the first time in history, Ratan Tata fixes the price for the sake of the economy and plans to manufacture the car. When he expressed his thoughts, all the other big companies like Maruti and Suzuki started to mock him for making a silly choice. They found it funny.

Ratan Tata took their criticism personally and manufactured the car "Nano". All his suppliers were upset by his choice, but later they understood his intention and supplied the materials without taking any profits. They also started giving materials for the sake of India’s budget people, who couldn’t afford a car. 



Tata manufactured the Nano and was about to launch it to the public. The people nearby his manufacturing company in West Bengal started to protest against his company, saying that their land had been illegally purchased by the owners. This made him shift his whole industry from West Bengal to Gujarat. He relocated the industry to Gujarat.


Success in failure:

There, Tata launched the Nano car. But as everyone wished, Nano became a major failure. It was the biggest failure till date. The failure was not in Tata’s project. It was the negative speech that kept Nano from its success. Big companies like Maruti and Suzuki started naming the Nano as a "cheap car". They spoke low on it. This made people stop buying the cars because they may be recognised with that car’s grade.

But this did not put Tata down because he found it a success. When everyone found it impossible to make a car for economically challenged people, he proved that it was possible and made it.


Revenge on shame:

Jaguar and Land Rover were the two companies that Ford worked with, and they started facing a loss. They couldn’t manage the loss of those two companies. Ratan Tata gives a heroic re-entry to Ford and buys those two companies. Even at that time, he was criticized by the Indian media. Magazines and newspapers wrote comical memes about him for choosing companies that were at a loss.

But to everyone’s surprise, its sales boomed, and it reached its peak. It bought a huge chunk of profit too. He shut down everyone’s mouth with his huge success. This took his fame to an international level. This was his biggest revenge. He retaliated with his success.

Ratan Tata had a policy of buying British products. He bought a tea company and a steel company from the British.


Tata’s Choice:

Ratan Tata is the man who profited from other nation's resources and made India its source. He owns several companies all over the country. He is an international businessman from India. Furthermore, he gains fame by making a success out of a loss.


Ratan Tata: I don’t believe in making the right choices; I choose and make it right.

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