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Are European Children more Important in Western Media than Palestinians?

Last Week, the Israeli strikes on Gaza killed 44 Palestinians, including 16 children. Approximately 350 were wounded. CNN reported otherwise. 

The lack of empathy for Palestinian children has been portrayed again in recent news as CNN failed to mention the 16 Palestinian murdered children in their headlines. Around six vaguely-termed headlines were written on Israel’s deadly attack on Gaza in CNN’s World news section, two of which are video reports that are thematically framed.

Six headlines are not enough to reflect the severity of the situation. The number of notifications broadcasted reporting on Ukraine is extensive, but barely any were shared when Israel attacked Gaza. 

It bares the problematic question; Are Palestinian lives not as important? 

White Children Versus Palestinian Children

One example is a three-minute report released on August 8th by CNN showing the scars of a wounded 14-year-old Ukrainian. 

These stories must be told, but what about Palestinian children?

It is not in an attempt to belittle the trauma of Ukrainians at this time but to understand there are more stories to be told. And more awareness to be shared.

On August 6, Rahaf Salman, a Palestinian ten-year-old girl, became a triple amputee after Israel stroke Jabalia camp located in northern Gaza and massacred eight people, including four children. 

CNN reported that the Palestinian health ministry “initially” said Israel was behind it. Suggesting the ministry is not a reliable source and went on to defend Israel. By referring to Israeli authorities that say,“ it was the result of errant rocket fire, and released a video showing what it said was the Islamic Jihad rocket sharply changing course in the air and hitting the building.” 

Unsurprisingly, the article ignored Rahaf’s amputation. 

Blaming Islamic Jihad

CNN chose to blame Islamic Jihad. The broadcaster went as far as attempting to link a 17-year-old minor to Islamic Jihad. Referencing  an “Israeli Army” source, they said  a 17-year-old Palestinian linked to Islamic Jihad “was shot dead in an exchange of gunfire with Israeli soldiers.

Islamic Jihad is considered a resistance and defence group by many Palestinians, unlike the linking to terrorism that CNN insists on.

“The response from the Iran-backed group marked another escalation in a weekend of violence that has left dozens of people dead in Gaza and sent thousands of Israelis scrambling for shelters.” This is an example of how they placed blame on the Islamic Jihad. 

They even stated that “Israelis scrambling for shelters” is much equal to Palestinians, who don’t have the luxury of shelters, dying in Gaza. 

The media house also decided in an “analysis” piece that Hamas is why Israel is besieging Gaza. The broadcaster seems open to blaming everyone but Israel. 

“Clashes,” “Violence,” and “Terror Suspects” 

These mysterious “clashes” and waves of “violence.” Israel started the attack. An attack that CNN decided to call a “military operation.” 

RT, supposedly Russia-State-controlled news media, was previously criticized for calling its invasion of Ukraine a “special military operation.” 

Exceptionally, CNN chose to use the term “attack” because Israel was attacking “terror suspects.” 

Perhaps, one of the most intriguing parts of CNN’s reporting is its misleading headlines. A rule that CNN strictly follows is never to say “Israel attacks” but a vivid broad term such as “Gaza Escalation.” 

The passive form of verbs such as ‘killed’ appears is often used by the media house. Palestinians are seemingly mysteriously ‘killed’ rather than murdered. 

The last report CNN conducted about  Gaza was on the psychological effects of the violence on Gazans. The video report was brief and broad compared to any Ukraine report completed by CNN. 

CNN appears to be working day and night to deliver the latest and most detailed news on Ukraine. Yet, when it comes to Gaza, it’s portrayed as their last priority. 

In Ukraine, Russia invades and ‘kills’ children, but in Palestine, the children are just ‘killed’ mysteriously. This is simply the double standards and censorship of the so-called free media. 

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