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Crystals and Their Link to Mental Health

Crystal healing is a practice that has been used for centuries. Its link to medicinal purposes has been a controversy for years regarding its effectiveness. Many people believe the energy of the crystals work, while others believe it to be work of the placebo effect. 


What is crystal healing?: 

Crystal healing is an alternative medicinal practice that involves the energy of different crystals and other stones channeling positive energy to enter the body as negative energy washes away. Many people will carry around certain crystals that correspond to the energies they are trying to strengthen within themselves. These crystals can be worn as jewelry or simply carried in a pocket. 

Crystals have been used for thousands of years in Ancient Sumerian, Egyptian, Greek, and traditional Chinese medicines, among many others. 

Ancient Sumerians used crystals for magic formulas, which are most likely the first historical recordings of crystal usage. 

Ancient Egyptians used crystals for both healing and cosmetic purposes. They wore various crystals as jewelry and ground up crystals as eyeshadow pigments. Crystals were used for physical and spiritual protection. The powder's energy was believed to help them return to the afterlife. Lapis Lazuli stones were worn by royalty, including Cleopatra, who used its powdered eyeshadow as the most expensive makeup in Ancient Egypt. 

Ancient Greeks primarily used clear quartz and believed it to be eternal ice from the heavens. The word “crystal” comes from the Greek word krustullos, which means ice. Before battling, Greeks would use ground-up hematite, a type of crystal, and wore the powdered mineral as warrior paint. There are also mythological stories involving crystals, one involving a girl named Amethyst who is turned into a beautiful stone by Dionysus, who spilled wine on the stone, staining it the color it is today. 


The placebo effect and crystals: 

The placebo effect is a scientific theory encompassing the idea that if your brain believes in a certain feeling or energy, it will eventually cause the body to react either positively or negatively based on the person's belief. Many studies have been done with placebo medications, to see if the body would heal itself based on the idea that it was taking a healing medication, despite no actual medicine entering the body. Positive placebo effects include healing of sickness and improved mental health. 

However, negative placebo effects also exist. If someone believes they are getting sick, their body could mimic the symptoms if they forget to take their medications, daily vitamins, or even forget their crystals at home. Their body may not even begin to heal itself until the brain is healed and believes they are getting better. 

Crystals are believed to carry different energies with each one. If a person carries certain crystals that are believed to bring happiness, good health, and other various qualities, the body could mimic these energies and believe them to be true. There are various crystals with numerous variations of good energies and carrying them could make the brain believe these energies. Forgetting your crystals could lead to a negative impact on your mentality. If someone who truly believes crystals work, it could positively impact their mental health. Crystals are a convenient placebo for one's mental and spiritual health. Here are 8 crystals that could benefit one's mental health:

 Clear Quartz- Clear quartz is one of the most common crystals in the world. It is found worldwide and it is also one of the cheapest crystals on the market. It is nicknamed the “master healer.”  It is considered to enhance psychic abilities, help focus the mind, and help with concentration and memory.

Rose Quartz- Rose quartz is another extremely common crystal that sells on the cheaper side. It is found mainly in China, Madagascar, and Brazil. It is a clear crystal with a pinkish hue. It is nicknamed the love crystal for its properties, as it is believed to aid in self healing and self love. It is also said to promote forgiveness and aid in healthy relationships. 

Amethyst- Amethyst is another common crystal that sells inexpensively. It is found relatively worldwide and is a clear crystal with a purple hue. This crystal is believed to relieve addiction and help promote creativity and spirituality. Many people associate it with serenity and calming energy. It is also said to reduce anxiety. 

Tiger’s Eye- Tiger’s eye is a commonly found crystal in the United States, Brazil, South Africa, and Australia. It is priced on the cheaper side and is considered to be good for protection and grounding. This crystal is an orangish brown color with dark stripes. This crystal is associated with trust, common sense, courage, and boosted confidence. It is considered to aid in relieving worry and depression. 

Moonstone- Moonstone is another commonly found crystal in the United States. It is also found in India and Sri Lanka. Moonstone is priced a little higher than the others. This crystal is a variety of colors that shine when the light hits its thin layers. It is associated with aiding intuition and empathy. It is also considered to be helpful with anxiety and calming one’s emotions.  

Obsidian- Obsidian is a crystal commonly found in the United States and Mexico. It has a smooth texture and is colored a deep black. This crystal is believed to aid insight, and is also considered to be a protection crystal from negative influences and energy. Many believe that this crystal helps with stopping self-sabotaging patterns and promotes self positivity. 

Jade- Jade is a crystal commonly found in China, but can also be found in Burma, New Zealand, and Russia. This crystal can be found in a variety of colors, but its most common appearance is green. It is on the pricier side of crystals. This is nicknamed the crystal of “wisdom” and is considered to be a protection crystal as well, as it attracts abundance and prosperity. 

Citrine- Citrine is a commonly used crystal found in Brazil, Madagascar, Congo, and Zambia. It is a clear crystal with a yellow hue. This crystal is on the cheaper side. Many believe that it promotes abundance and wealth, and improves decision-making. Some think that it also rids of negative toxins in one’s emotions.  

Whether crystals actually have magical properties or not is a mystery, but the placebo effect it has on people who use them religiously is widely accepted to be true. Carrying good energies around can help people start to believe in those energies to promote their mental health. If you're struggling with mental health, maybe it's not a bad idea to take a look at crystals. You just may be surprised by the outcome. 

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