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How to Pick the Right Moving Company in 12 Steps

Moving is a process we all have to do in our lives, whether by ourselves, with family, friends, or partners. It’s a stressful process, but it doesn’t have to be. Movers can help you pack, load, move, unload, and unpack your possessions into your new home. This issue is where a moving company comes in. Here’s how to pick the right moving company for you in 12 easy steps.  


  1. See how far your move is.

Moving companies will differ in how far they will travel to relocate your belongings. Many people will relocate locally within a state. However, not all of them will go across a country. Keep this in mind as you search for your moving company. Having addresses ahead of time will make the process go more smoothly.

  1. Create a list of your belongings.

Moving companies will always want to know how much they need to move to calculate an estimate for you. This includes boxes, bins, furniture, TVs, beds, computers, musical instruments, carpets, mirrors, etc. Write a list before you call the company because everyone forgets a couple of items because of the stress of the entire process. This is to avoid any extra costs at the time of the date of the move. 

  1. Know if there are any stairs or elevators at any locations.

The moving company wants to know this because they need to consider who to assign to your move and what kind of equipment to bring in the truck. If you have to make another stop at a storage facility, they will need an idea of the layout and the address. You will need to be present if there is an access code.  

  1. Check out their website.

A professional company should have its website at least. There should be descriptions of the services, insurance policies, utility charges, an FAQ, and a contact form. 

  1. Review their insurance policies.

This is an important step to follow because there is a chance your belongings will break during a move. Different policies will cover different rates. If you do not choose a policy at some companies, it will default to the cheapest one. In the event, you find one of your belongings damaged, you need to file a claim with the company. The money you receive depends on your preferred insurance policy. 

  1. Read customer reviews.

Previous customer experiences can tell you so much about the services provided. However, you must read between the lines. See how the company responded to negative reviews. Were they professional? Was there no response? Or did the reviewer fully explain the situation? This can be a deciding factor if you want to go with the company. 

  1. Call three different companies and get their quotes in writing.

Yes, you will have to call them as an email is never enough. Calling a company allows for room to ask questions from both parties, allowing you to evaluate the company more. What you do want in an email is the quote in case there is a difference in pricing. All moving companies will lowball their estimates because there are unaccounted factors such as extra items, more protection needed, or extra time for the move. You never want to go with the cheapest company either.  

  1. Ask if they protect floors or walls.

No one wants to mess up the floors or walls in their new home. Ask the company what they protect floors and walls when they bring in your furniture and other bulky items. Have the workers bring it even if you’re not sure it will be used. You will be charged if it’s used. It’s always better to be safe than sorry. Alternatively, if they don’t offer any protection that company may not be for you.  

  1. Ask if they provide storage for bulky items.

Depending on your situation, you may need to store your belongings while you wait to move. Some moving companies do offer storage at varying rates. This can be more convenient. It would be wise to compare prices with storage units because there can be deals for a few months. This option may not work for everyone but is worth checking out if it eases your stress levels. 

  1. See if they offer any moving supplies.

Moving supplies are available in many places, but it doesn’t hurt to ask because even the best of us can forget about a box, a roll of tape, or bubble wrap. They can always bring some supplies if you mention you’re unsure on the phone. If you don’t use it they won’t charge you for it. If you do need packing and unpacking services, they may be available at an extra cost. Again, if they don’t offer it you may not want to go with this company. 

  1. See if they have an email newsletter.

An email newsletter is not only a sign of a professional company but an accomplished one. The newsletter may be full of tips and other information if you’re new to this. It also shows they care and are invested in their customers. 

  1. Book your moving date weeks in advance.

This is one of the most important tips. Dates around the beginning and end of the month fill up quickly and unless you’re flexible, this could screw up your plans. This is the last thing you want to happen during the moving process.  


By now, you should be able to figure out which one is the best fit for your needs. Now you focus on packing and everything else that needs to be taken care of as part of the process. Make sure you tip your movers, give them water, and offer to grab them lunch if they’re doing an all-day move. 

Edited By: Whitney Edna Ibe

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