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Impact of social media on human societies.

Social media had started with the purpose of connecting people from all around the globe. It has always been a source of endless entertainment and trends that keep it interesting. Social media tends to have a grip on many people. Youngsters have always been the target audience of such media platforms. There is a need to be up to date with every dance trend, meme, clothing and fashion trend, popular gossip and even song. From making Dalgona Coffee to voting online, it has given the internet a new angle. More than ever, people are connected today; many started vlogging their experiences and sharing them on social media, which proved to help understand that no one was suffering alone.

With the advent of Covid19, it became even more important to be aware of the happenings and connect with people from different parts of the world. This was only possible through news, which became an important part of social media. Many trends were going viral as people were quarantined, and the normal duties that required stepping out were restricted. Meanwhile, these restrictions helped prosper many small businesses as many lost their jobs due to the pandemic. It became important for many companies to have an active social media account to reach their consumers. Many services, like D-mart and Amazon, came in handy for people to get through their necessities like buying groceries through social media accounts and the internet. Many found their careers on social media, making it a profession with a brighter scope. Journalism saw a different scope on social media. News also became one of the most important things on social media.

 Many people raised their voices against the injustice through global campaigns like #METOO, #THEBLACKLIVESMATTER, etc. Such campaigns against injustice have had a great influence over many countries. Youngsters have supported the campaigns and actively shared their point-of-views.

These happenings led to another, and gradually every social media user became a citizen journalist. Now communication and opinions are to be seen everywhere, which has raised the value of journalism. It has also tested the ethics of national news channels, and people have become more favourable to credible news sources. Everyone now looks for facts and truths and presents their voice on their beliefs by making content and sharing content on the social media platform.

It has become a revolution for social media itself. Moreover, a trend to follow news channels and know about everything happening worldwide has led to more voices being raised against many situations. Journalism has become easier and more evident in this era.

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