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Is University Worth It In 2022?

We all have grown up thinking if we don’t get into a university, we are not good enough. Then there is another stage to it getting into the best universities and if you don’t, you’re not smart enough. Then if you don’t get the best marks, if you don’t receive the best comments from teachers and then if you don’t get employed. In my opinion, it never finishes because education between these similar rules starts at a very young age. I think education is one of the best things that we could have in our lives and many of us are lucky that we have it. However, I also believe that universities are not for everybody because I believe that there are people who could achieve their purpose in life without going to university. In this article I will discuss why universities are and are not worth attending, are universities for everybody? And how the internet is taking a role in our education. Let’s jump straight into it.

why universities are worth attending?

There various reasons why you should go to university if you are able to like a better career, personal growth, and safe place to explore career chances according to Crimson.

Better career: After finishing university or during your study you have a high chance of getting employed. This is because there are still companies and businesses that are looking at the degrees of people who apply for jobs. Employers also look for the experience which you have a better chance to have professional experience during your degree. Having a degree and experience also leads you to a higher salary because you probably won’t need any extra training. According to Crimson even if the career you want to pursue doesn’t require a degree, having that degree could place your application above the rest and result in a job offer and a higher salary.

Personal growth: Getting out of high school and deciding what you wanna do, what career, what university and why has to be one of the most difficult decisions in any student’s life. Of course, that is not for every student but students that I have grown around would mostly agree with that. University gives you a challenging but safe environment to practice these responsibilities and grow as a person according to Crimson. 

Safe place to explore career: Universities offers a safe environment to explore your interests, test out multiple career paths, and take classes just for fun according to Crimson. Universities always provide a range of courses and paths to make sure you find a suitable one for you. Many students have their careers sorted as soon as they complete their degree. That could be through internships, work experience or reaching out to employers during their studying period. 

Why universities are not worth attending?

First of all, let me start by saying I believe universities are not for everybody and not everyone should consider going to university. The benefits of universities are many, but there are some drawbacks as well. For example, they cost so much and then you spend decades trying to pay. Indeed, much of the debate about the value of college stems not from the lack of demonstrated benefit but from the overwhelming cost (Mary C. Daly and Leila Bengali 2014). For example, in careers like photography, I believe people should consider smaller courses online or small colleges for better fees. There are universities photography really good courses but they cost way too much and a longer time. 

How is internet taking a role in our education?

Now that we have the internet and a big part of it is social media we can connect with more people and seek our needs. We can now get paid while producing content online and have the career we only thought we could get at university. For example, writers can now share their writing online and get paid for it. People who look for a career in video editing can now publish their work on social media like Tik Tok and YouTube. Also working from home is very popular and requested from employees because they want flexible hours. Work from home has obviously risen after COVID19 pandemic.


Overall, I think going to university is a really good decision and studies have shown that it still influences employers when choosing employees. However, many people have a successful career and a successful life without going to university. These include influencers on social media and because the internet has become a part of our life.

Edited by Lindsey Neri

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