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Top 5 Best Cocktails: An Opinion

This is a list for the people who really, really need a drink after their shift tonight. As a mixologist and former bartender, I have my preferences in drinks and more specifically cocktails. I think I have a pretty well-balanced and all-rounding taste, so no bias will take place in this article. Get your drink in your hand and your phone in the other. Let’s get drunk. Or not. These cocktails can also be alcohol-free. Anyway, try to read this before you finish your drink. I don’t judge measurements, but I also do not trust yours.


5. A Piña Colada 

I think this is probably a safe bet for a lot of people. A holiday abroad in a glass. Its creaminess and sweetness doesn’t just make you happy, it will cure your heartburn. A two-in- one. Being a rum-based drink, pina coladas have a tropical vibe and even have an iconic song dedicated to them. I’m whistling the tune as I type. In Spain, the word “colada” refers to somebody who is not invited to a party but turns up anyway. It means being able to get in anywhere. If this is your favourite cocktail, this is what I imagine you are like. 


4. A Long Island Iced Tea

You are lying on the floor after a couple of these, aren’t you? It doesn’t matter ,though, because it is still your favourite right? A Long Island iced tea has four liquors in it. Rum, vodka, gin and tequila/triple sec. A killer. They tell you not to mix your spirits, but that is why this cocktail appeals to you, doesn’t it? You think you’re being a little rebellious but really, you are the first one in the taxi home on the night out. However, I respect your commitment to the bit and I’ll join you for one of these at the start of the night. 


3. The Old Fashioned

You are either old, think you are classy and are not, or you have taste. The Old Fashioned is the first ever cocktail to be invented and for that fact alone, it takes place on this list. The reason it is third is because if this cocktail is made correctly, it is bliss in a glass. Other bartenders understand what I mean when I say this. The secret to an excellent Old Fashioned is you. It is what your taste is and what whiskey you choose. How sweet do you like it or do you like it as neat as you can get it? In my humble opinion, the folks who pick an Old Fashioned as their drink of choice enjoy a more traditional way of life but still have an air of risk and challenge to their personality.


2. An Espresso Martini

Yes, an Espresso Martini, not an Expresso Martini. Why? Because when these drinks are made with care and an extra 30 seconds, they are beautiful. It is also a coffee-based drink? Yeah. The word Espresso and not Expresso makes sense now, doesn’t it? If you are not a coffee-lover go back to number 3 because you probably won’t like the next one either. The top of the list is for those with wide and mature palettes. Or just somebody with weird taste, according to my friends. I believe the people who drink Espresso Martinis are the people who work hard and play equally as hard. You are out, but worked the past ten hours? I like you.


1. A Bloody Mary

No, this is not just my favourite drink because there is a naughty word in the title. This is a meal in a glass and as a foodie this is probably why I love this drink so bloody much. Hungover, hungry, hankering to get drunk or at the airport? A bloody Mary sorts you right out. With tomato juice being the key ingredient in this drink, obviously, this drink is not to everybody's taste. However if, you add the right spices and mix to the drink, paired with the vodka of your choice, I believe this is a cocktail with the most room for experimentation. Bloody Marys deserve more credit for their long-standing and robust support to the cocktail industry. They are not always chosen but they are still on the menu. The wall flowers of the cocktail world. Take a chance on the tabasco and celery. Bloody Mary drinkers are the most adventurous people. They are more likely to say yes and try anything. Respect.



Edited By Santana Srinivasan

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