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Shades of my Friendship

It is not enough for an article to be written on the friendships in my life. It always amazes and mesmerizes. The best relationship that God ever created is friendship.

It has several shades, but it is always the best. The one who stands by your side when you are in need is a friend indeed. Shades may differ, but each shade has its own beauty.

A man without money is poor, but a man without a friend is an orphan. We will meet several kinds of characters in our lives, but we would not have met a person without a friend. Each one has someone to point to as a friend. They may be from their own family members or God. But none would be without friends.

On spot:

Some people were very social and easy-going with everyone. They were gifted at cheering up the surroundings. They create friendships within 5 minutes and also make the environment exciting. They always make people fall for their words. They always let go of things and enjoy the present moment. People always love to be around them. Even an introverted person would get easily involved with them and try to move around with them because it makes them feel secure. We would be ecstatic in their presence.

One of my friends has this quality. She was jovial and fun-filled. She is strong enough to face any situation. She does not carry hatred for anyone. We would always be happy with her presence. Whenever we plan a trip or outing, we always include her, so that the journey will be memorable and happy. She creates an atmosphere of fun, joy, and excitement. We love having her around us.


We would have some friendships that would last until the end of our lives. It is a gift for people to have such friends. It may be a squad or a single person. It is a precious and blessed friendship. They would always be at our side to be called my friends. They won’t let other people come near us. They gather often and it doesn’t make us feel void. They may also fight with us, but they won’t let us move on. They stick around and annoy us for our lifetime. They annoy us and give us sweet memories. Life-line friendships are valuable and fill our spirits.

I have a group of friends who always annoy me with their love and fights. They hang around and keep me terrified with their crazy actions. They make my days beautiful and fill my heart with joy. They randomly appear in my bedroom and give me a heart attack. They offer me their overflowing love with their "salt coffee". The trips they planned were always fantastic, but they never left the city. They started this as entertainment.

If any new person enters our group and plans a new standard, it will hurt one or the other. It also brings a separation within us, but it hasn’t succeeded once. We understood where its roots were and cut it down. We also have another side; we fight to the death. Strangers would get scared that we would end our lifetime process at that moment, but we would get them puzzled and amazed with our endings.

I also saw a person who tried to enter the gang and separate us. We messed up with their tricks and scandals. But later, we found out what their intention was and started showing them how to play those tricks.

Our gang has different states and religions, and all our families have become one family. We stand as a "Unity". All three religions have united in our gang. People are also amazed by our friendships. They love to be with us, and we have never stopped anyone from that.



Dependence is a dangerous thing that cannot be put on everyone and anyone. It is quite choosy and invaluable. Such people come into our lives and stand as pillars for our lifetime. For the sake of our lives, we should take their words seriously. They love to encourage us and also love to correct us, when we go off track.

Their way of expressing their friendship would be bitter and tough, but their intent would be great and faithful. They won’t let us down before anyone or at any moment. They correct us in private and lift us in public. Even when we don’t understand their motive, they stand aside and watch over us so that we do not fall. They pour out their boosting words to lift us up, and they don’t ask for anything in return. Their love would be pure and genuine.

I have two friends to rely on. They both loved me to the core and never let me down. They pray for my success and for my upliftment. They have become my sisters, from different bloodlines. They are my proxy. They know all my vulnerable things, but they never leave my side. They remained in love. We would not have daily contact or chat, but whenever I think of a friend, their faces come to mind as the first person. They also stand for the word "believable".

Once, I saw a text on her phone. It was from her loved one. It said: "Please don’t stick around with her, I need you to be with me." She always fights with you, and why do you want to be with her? "

Her reply made me say that she is "trustworthy". And her reply is: "No matter what she does or what you think of me, I love her and I will always be with her." She is my friend."

Yes, she was, is, and will be my friend forever. She is unique.

The other one is trustworthy in mentioning my name in all the high places. Where people feel jealous of showing-up the other person, there she would lift my name and give her hands to go higher. She introduced my name before higher officials as a smart worker and also mentioned my name as a believable one.

Her way of loving and caring made me say that she was "an angel". She also kept me in her prayers and spoke blessings on my life. She encouraged me to keep going. I have also learned many good characteristics from her. She has been a good guide and support for me.

Yes, she was, is, and will be with her hands on my shoulders to push me towards my success. She is unique.



Time may pass, years may roll on, chapters of life may change, but the shades of friendship will not fade out.

It is as fresh as pasture, wide as the sky, deep as the ocean, hot as fire, cold as water, strong as iron, and sweet as honey.

It was different in colour and character, but its functions were distinctive.


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