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Social Media Is A Great Platform To Show Up Skills, But How It Is Effecting Students In Negative Way

In today’s society, social media plays a huge and varied part in everyone’s life. It cannot be ignored in any aspect that social media helps everyone to connect, grow, and intake information all across the surroundings and society.

Many past reports shown that social media also has many disastrous and negative effects on student’s healthy life. A report from 2019 has shown that approx. 12,000+ 13-16-year-olds in the UK who stay on social media more than 3 times a day reduce the mental health and make the life unhealthy. 

Another report by MIT 2016 has found that constant access and staying active in social media has caused a several severe depressions, 7% and 20% escalation, regarding anxiety disorders among students. 

The scientists discovered that investing ample night-time in social media and emotional indulgence in social media (does give a feel of substantiate and affection mostly from social media) were attached to poor test scores in several academic presence and also affect higher level of anxiety and depression.

There is always a huge concern regarding why the harmful consequences of social media usage are much talked about. The compact answer of this question can only be derived from the neuroscience and the function of the brain.

Social media statistics provoke dopastat that provides a happiness route path for our brains. Dopastat is a chemical that gets generated from our brain that gives feeling, emotion, attachment, and satisfaction.

Social media statistics provoke a lot of satisfaction, emotion, feelings, which get delivered from dopamine. In many aspect, this tendency of behaviour appears when some individual is addicted to a narcotic substance.

The danger that social media produce of over-provoking in the dopastat path is that dopastat also dominates in playing action in mood, sleep, learning, knowledge, concentration, and many other body function.

All of this suffering do take place because of the dopastat, which starts getting drained, and just like any other addiction, the brain needs more and more dopastat just to stay in that percent.

Research in the Indian Journal of Public Health reveals that students with a high rate of activation in social media witnesses several health issues; poorer sleep quality, lack of concentration, and loss of academic potentiality.

Most researchers have also observed that the student’s capability to learn and remember sometimes lacks just because of social media.

Precaution to alleviate these harmful effects and how it needs to be done?

Parents need to restrict their children’s by putting boundaries in the timing of social media usage, keeping a track of their social media accounts, and most significantly communicating with their children about the social media platform in detail as well as how they are feeling.

And providing them guidance that social media is full of images and posts which is unrealistic, and getting influenced by all those in their minds with the social media’s post are just pointless.

Parents are not the stakeholders who alone can rectify all these problems. Regulators and social media firms both have basic duties in resolving all of these issues. We humans have arrived at a period where humans are navigated and controlled by technology, which is a huge lot of dangerous in every societal dimension.

It is forming and creating consumption taste, getting attached to social and values. Teens are more smart with social media than they are with their academics. Regulatory bodies and social media should stay more aware.

They should track everything that is getting published and circulated on social media platforms and put some ample sum of value to society. If they do not, there will be additional implications in the lives of youngsters in the future.

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