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Well in our country we consider women as Goddesses, "BUT" we only consider and not treat them like it. We don't consider or treat women like Goddesses or give that due respect which they deserve most of the time but we just treat or consider her like an object and nothing else. In today's India, most men and boys just want to satisfy their lust factor and for that, they can take any path to fulfill it.

The men in India don't even care whether they are in a public place or are at their home they just want to satisfy their needs and desire and consider the women just as toys and call them by different names and simply starts commenting on their body and clothes, well whether it is a metro, bus, car, workplace or any place even the home most of the women in India feel discomfort from the way most of Indian boys and men look at them. Well staring at someone, cracking silly and stupid jokes on body and clothes, and passing cheap comments can make anyone feel discomfort, but in India, only women are made the target.

Also, we are in the world of the internet and precisely speaking in the virtual world of social media which is normally used to socialize with different people, but again some men just can't stop themselves from harassing women and passing cheap and vulgar comments on women even on social media and making fun of them. Even the female actors, female models, or female influencers go through a lot when people abuse them or post vulgar about them. Also, every day we hear cases of acid attacks on women, reason: the boy or the man wanted to take revenge.

You know what this objectification of women leads to RAPE, yes people think that they can do anything with a woman even if she is a prostitute and without any fear and without thinking just for once before doing this horrible and cheap crime they just destroy life and her family's life too. They don't feel in taking the consent of a woman and in case they take and she says no or refuses it leads to rape. Well age is just a number and this goes well here as in our country therapists have gone to such shame and have crossed all the lines that they even rape a newborn one and it does not matter for them how old is SHE, in this, we are making our country safe for girls and women. Okay let me tell you a very harsh reality that every time we Indians play on our culture and traditions, so where is the culture now of respecting women and making them feel comfortable and safe every time.

Now the question is why Indian parents don't teach their sons to respect girls and women and treat them as human only and not objectify them, why it is always said that teach your daughters and ask them to wear covered clothes and not to wear revealing clothes?? Why boys are still treated superior than girls whether at work place or at home?? and then we expect equality and safety for women in society. 

I would also like to add that most of the people who claim to be literate are no less here and think in the same way the illiterates think it is the girls or women only who excite men and boys by wearing such clothes and yes it is all about what we all are taught at home by our parents and what values do we have. So, at last, I just want to say that guys it is high time that we change this cheap mentality and stop objectifying women, also if we need to change this and make our country a better and safe place for her to live without any tension of going home late with anyone she wants then we have to work on our laws for women safety and make them stricter as much as possible and most importantly we have to change our mindset as well as of the people who think "SHE" is just an object because if a woman is not safe then no one can be, to all the boys and men out there: remember you also have a woman or a girl back at your place who can face the same what you are doing with other women, so for her sake at least- "STOP OBJECTIFYING WOMEN''.....


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