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Ten Valentine’s Day Gifts to Avoid 2023

Valentine’s Day is a special time of year where people gather together to share the love they have for one another. It's a time to spend the night with that special someone who makes you smile. Many people bestow gifts onto their valentines, but not many receive gifts they actually enjoy. Valentine’s Day is filled with cliché presents that sell out in stores every year and end up in someone's dumpster months later. If you're struggling to find out if your gift is a bad one, here are ten presents to avoid giving this Valentine’s season:

  1. Flowers - Although flowers are very pretty, they die within just a couple of days. Flowers are a very temporary present, and they are often sold out in most stores by the time Valentine’s Day rolls around. Flowers also aren't the greatest gift to give someone while you're out and about. If there's nowhere to keep them safe, they'll most likely get ruined during dinner. If the person you're buying for truly loves receiving flowers, get them their favorite flowers, and don't settle for cliché roses that they might not even like. Flowers should be a personal gift and not something grabbed quickly from the corner store.  

  2. Chocolate heart boxes - These candy boxes are seen in almost every store on Valentine's day. Almost every candy brand sells their own unique versions of these boxes. These boxes sit on shelves waiting for customers to find a quick and easy Valentine's Day gift there. However, these boxes are premade and impersonal, unless your valentine loves the same brand of candy or loves assorted chocolates — then it's a win. It's more personal to gather up candy you know they like and give that to them instead.

  3. Giant teddy bears - Teddy bears are cute and last a long time, but the giant ones are more questionable. The giant teddy bears go for almost $100 and take up too much space. They're cute and cuddly of course, and sure, people love big stuffed animals, but the giant teddy bears take up as much space as a piece of furniture. Why not go to Build-a-Bear and make a personalized one for your loved one? 

  4. Heart necklaces - Honestly, jewelry is a great gift for Valentine's Day. But despite there being so many options out there, people usually fall into the trap of buying the corny heart necklaces that sell around this time. These heart necklaces aren't usually wanted, since they're big and bulky hearts that aren't even shaped correctly sometimes. It's better to buy jewelry you know the other person likes already than to make the decision for yourself. 

  5. Mugs - Mugs are everywhere, sitting on shelves, collecting dust, reminding you of that occasion you got it for and now usually it sometimes for your morning coffee. Mugs are used all the time, but everyone has a bunch of mugs lying around. Mugs are sold everywhere and collect dust in the cabinet. If you're set on getting them a mug, maybe find one that's personal to their interests or a personalized one with a picture of the two of you. 

  6. Clothing - Clothing is never the best gift to give someone unless you know exactly the type of style they wear. Clothing can have all sorts of complications. The size could be wrong, the color could be wrong, and the overall style could just be off to them. Clothing is personal and it's important to leave the decisions to them regarding that. However, if you can access their wishlist on their favorite clothing store websites, buying from there would actually be a great gift for your valentine. 

  7. Lingerie - Something that falls under the clothing category but is more personal is lingerie. Buying lingerie for someone could leave the wrong impression, especially if it's an early relationship. Lingerie shopping also makes people feel confident, so it may be better to pick out your own than to be gifted it in that case. It's best to leave this idea to the side and find something better for the two of you to enjoy that doesn't require lace. 

  8. Premade boxes - Premade boxes are a complete waste of money. These boxes show that you put little to no effort into their Valentine’s Day present by just buying a box filled with stuff someone else packed up in a factory. It's cheaper and more personal to make your own boxes than to buy a premade one. Try making a box filled with their favorite snacks, games, trinkets, and other things that you know they would like. It's more than someone in a factory knows about your valentine.

  9. A pet - A pet is probably one of the worst presents you could give on valentines day. Pets are cute but they are a lot of work. Gifting someone a pet is also gifting them all the responsibility that comes with it. Unless you're willing to join in on the responsibility of taking care of said pet, it's best to avoid this option. It's better to give them something for an existing pet they may have than to buy them a pet. 

  10. A car - A car is just a terrible gift to give. It's incredibly expensive and could make the other person feel bad for not getting a gift as extravagant as yours. Cars are also a lot of responsibility and payment after the Valentine’s celebration, responsibilities which are most likely going to fall in the hands of the receiver. It's best to get something else instead of a car to avoid all the conflicts that could follow. 


Valentine’s Day is a beautiful holiday filled with love. However, a lot of people associate the amount of love they receive with the quality of gifts they receive. It's important on this day to remember that gifts are not the most important part of Valentine’s Day. It's the love you show for each other that's the most important. But if you're really struggling with finding the perfect gift for Valentine’s Day, just remember this list and know you’re doing it right if it's anything but these items. 

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