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The Commodification of Women in the Modern World

Women's rights have always been a sensitive issue. There are plenty of underdeveloped countries like Pakistan, where women are subjugated under male chauvinism. Several components have been obstacles whenever legal actions have been taken to empower women's rights. 


As of 2023, there are approximately 3.9 billion women in the globe, compromising nearly half, 49.88 percent, of the world population. However, wage inequalities coupled with the class ceiling can easily be found in underdeveloped countries. Women tolerate being placed as second-class citizens, getting paid lower wages than men.


In developed countries, women enjoy education and fundamental rights. But in developing countries, especially in the downtrodden areas, women are considered below human beings who can be used and thrown away. 


Women and their Rights in Pakistan 

In 2023, 109.32 million women are dwelling in Pakistan. However, only 26 percent of the women are educated, while the rest remain illiterate for not enjoying proper education. The imbalance in literacy rates can vary from place to place due to fluctuating external and internal factors like religion, awareness, and social codes. The variation between the education of women in urban and rural areas is drastic. As 70 percent of women are educated in urban areas, whereas only one percent of women receive an education in rural areas. Above all, it's noteworthy that over 70 percent of women in Pakistan are unaware of the right to be given proper education. 


On women's appreciation days (International Women's Day) which is the first time celebrated in Russia on 8 March. Later, other countries also began to celebrate the day to diminish inequality among genders. Public figures would bring issues surrounding women's rights to the surface. However, the high illiteracy rate paired with numerous women with inadequate knowledge is incapable of comprehending the meaning of the messages public figures would throw in the public sphere. Partially, it might be due to prolonged male domination and patriarchy that has diluted women the need to voice for themselves. Such women think that women have some particular roles that they need to fulfill, and they don't think outside of the boundaries they unconsciously set up. In essence, women don’t feel how heavy such issues are.  


Such rural women are simple and follow the norms of the Victorian era of England. As was the case in the Victorian era, women were obliged to uphold and practice societal roles. Women are supposed to wear specific types of clothes that are decided by the male community, with little choice of their own. Marriage of convenience is apparent in rural areas of Pakistan, and they have to follow ideal morality. 


In some lineages of Pakistan, women are given as compensation to other tribes for tribal disputes. Women have no rights of their own. In marriages, education, or other crucial decisions in their lives, they can't make their own choices freely. They feel violated and primordial. Even in educational families, young girls feel the distinction between the perceived superior and inferior gender, theft out of their legitimate rights, and illegal eviction of their property. 


Working-class women are victimized, overpowered, and falsified occasionally second to rural women. Islamabad-based Alliance Against Sexual Harassment states in its report that 93 percent of women are harassed in Pakistan. 


Working-class women are also told to take care of their house maneuvers, and their families, are forced to work as little as possible, and still are classified by society. Despite all the efforts women put into, it's often taken for granted, without honor and appreciation of what women take on. Housewives should be appreciated and emboldened for playing a significant role in paving the way for the future generation.


The distinction between gender and class is another element of discrimination against women. The leading females in the world accomplish specific goals and ascend to the higher class relishing more rights. Majorly, they are the ones conducting rallies and protests on public forums to voice their liberties. Regardless, they only put forward their agendas. The elites can't fully relate to the woes of working-class women. Thus, they fail to profess their rights. 


The Pakistani government passed amendments that to protect women and uphold justice. In 2022, the Protection Against Harassment of Women at the Workplace Act stated that all genders (male, female, and transgender) will be warranted while performing valid duties like freelancers, non-contractors, interns, sports, and domestic person assurance.


In reality, however, harassment and protection laws remain as mere documentation, not being enforced effectively in the real world. The victims are preyed upon by their families, police, workplace, friends, and society if the victim reported the alleged offense. Even when the males are responsible for an issue, the blame is imposed on the women. Therefore, women avoid reporting to the police or their family members.  


In this colonized world, women have been vanquished to business owners. Women are objectified and placed at the auction to barter. Every advertisement portrays them in tremendous splendor and facilitates them as the products of the economy. Every show in Pakistan, even the ones that discuss serious or comical issues has a female character. To economists, their business can't flourish until a woman publicizes. 


Women are the marginal beings who are starting to revolt against the manipulating, colonized, and patriarchal system. Many campaigns and unions are formed to tackle such issues, and more battles are persisting. 

The Possible Solution to Women's Dilemmas

The basic need of women living in the commodified world is a lack of education. If women start getting an education, many turmoils will vanquish. Schooling for women should be mandatory and free. Hence, people won't make excuses for financial incapability for not educating their daughters. Uniosn should be formed that should properly sustain this ordinance. 


Secondly, women shouldn't be treated as third-class citizens. The government should denounce activities that exploit women. Further, they should create certain privileges for working women that make their lives easier to commune which will gradually develop a culture of respecting women. The distinctions between genders should be eradicated, and no gender should be confined to particular roles. 


Religious fundamentalism in the so society has to be tackled wisely. The solution to the conflicts between feminist representatives and religious parties should be mediated peacefully. The preaching of false religious values, harassment, contempt, and humiliation of women should be strictly punished. Besides, women should be encouraged to have equally powerful positions as men with equal legal and political rights. 


The differences of gender are instilled in people, and they have to be eradicated for a harmonical future. If males and females don't work together and engage in equal rights, the empire of social, political, economic, and religious consensus will fall. For a lasting future, women and men must respect each other rather than have a relationship of hatred and scorn. There is a need for individual and communal undertakings to halt the commodification of women in the modern world. As LalKhan said, "Any trend that breaks this class inertia, be it feminism, patriotism. Or religion is reactionary and counter-revolutionary."


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