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Why do people in India not feel safe around the police?

In recent times, numerous incidents have surfaced, shedding light on the pervasive issues of corruption, misconduct, and apathy within law enforcement agencies. These instances raise critical concerns about the integrity and efficacy of the very institutions designed to uphold justice and protect citizens.

Unfortunate Incidents of Misconduct

A startling incident unfolded when two criminals managed to escape from police custody despite being held in a seemingly secure room. What’s more alarming is the involvement of a police inspector who, instead of upholding the law, was found sharing cigarettes with the offenders. This scenario not only raises questions about the integrity of law enforcement but also highlights the leniency shown towards criminals, undermining public trust in the system.

Similarly, accounts from various localities report a surge in unreported crimes due to a growing lack of faith in the police. Communities choose to endure rampant thefts and burglaries silently rather than risking their safety by reporting incidents. This fear stems from the reprisals faced by those who dare to file complaints, with criminals using threats and violence to deter victims from seeking justice.

That's why I'm asking why people don't feel safe even around the police. As shown in figure, it is depicted that despite the presence of the police, people still don't feel safe.

Instances of Misbehavior and Abuse of Power

Instances of police officers misbehaving with civilians, especially women, have been shockingly frequent. From verbal abuse to instances of sexual harassment, these incidents showcase a blatant misuse of authority, intimidating those seeking lawful help. Such actions tarnish the image of law enforcement and create an atmosphere of fear and mistrust.

The recent suspensions of officers due to allegations of harassment and abuse, like the case of a suspended Inspector involved in sexually harassing a woman seeking assistance in a cheating case, are just a few examples that hint at a larger systemic issue.

1. Incident Involving SHO Sudhir Kumar (Delhi Police): - Allegation: Hurling abuses at a subordinate after consuming liquor during duty hours.

- Time and Date: Early hours of Saturday.- Accusation by Sub-Inspector: Harassment by SHO Sudhir Kumar, threatening to commit suicide if appropriate action not taken.

- Response: Senior officers and police personnel sent to confront SHO Sudhir Kumar.

2. Misbehavior by Officer-In-Charge (OC) Harendra Ch. Biswas:- Location: College road outpost, Dhubri Police Station.

- Accusation: Misbehaving with a woman, Nandita Ghosh, seeking document recovery for her aunt.

- Allegation Details: Ghosh claims harassment by the OC in a drunken state while filing a complaint regarding missing documents.

- Actions Taken: SP ordered an investigation, OC Harendra Ch. Biswas suspended after being found in a drunken state.

3. Conviction of Former Special Director General Rajesh Das (Tamil Nadu Police):- Conviction: Sentenced to three years’ imprisonment for sexually harassing a woman superintendent of police in early 2021.

- Location: Court in Villupuram district, Tamil Nadu.

- Status: Placed under suspension after conviction.

4. Sexual Harassment Case Involving Inspector Rajanna (Kodigehalli Police):- Accusation: Inspector Rajanna harassed a 35-year-old woman for sexual favors in a cheating case in January.

- Victim's Actions: Complained to a senior police officer and submitted evidence in the form of text messages.

- Outcome: Inquiry found him guilty, resulting in suspension by Police Commissioner C.H. Pratap Reddy and further action ordered.

These incidents underscore the prevalence of misconduct, abuse of power, and harassment within law enforcement agencies, necessitating swift and decisive action to ensure accountability and restore public trust.

The Urgent Need for Reform

The recurring cases of misconduct and corruption within the police force highlight the dire need for immediate reforms. It's imperative to address the loopholes in the system, implement stringent checks and balances, and ensure transparency and accountability within law enforcement agencies.

The public's trust in the police force is eroding, evidenced by the rising number of unreported crimes and instances where victims choose silence over seeking justice. The essence of law enforcement—protecting and serving the community—is compromised when those responsible for upholding justice fail to do so.


The incidents of misconduct, abuse of power, and corruption within the police force are distressing reminders of the urgent need for a comprehensive overhaul of the system. Upholding the integrity of law enforcement is crucial to reinstating public trust and ensuring justice for all. It's imperative to take decisive steps towards reform to rebuild faith in the system and create a safer environment for everyone.

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