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Discovery of the century for pregnant women

Pregnant women could see their fetus inside the womb with their phone, thanks to affordable new technology.

A sticker chip the size of a coin can monitor heart activity 24 hours a day. The scientists' discovery could be extended to pregnant women as the technology uses ultrasound.


The chip, which is connected to a PC, uses AI technology and could be the future in monitoring pregnant women, involving fewer visits to the doctor and lower costs for the health system, reports the Daily Mail publication.


Scientists at the University of California, San Diego have developed a coin-sized patch that captures live "images" from inside the body for up to 24 hours.


This technology was originally developed to monitor patients with heart disease and look for early signs of possible strokes and heart attacks, and it could be a real help in tracking pregnancy.


Currently, the ultrasonic sticker needs to be wired to a computer, but the University of San Diego team is creating a circuit to connect wirelessly.


This could become a breakthrough in how healthcare workers could prevent and monitor chronic diseases.


Expanding machine-learning AI technology to monitor the health of a fetus in the womb would be a huge boon for pregnant women in the US, who are more vulnerable to pregnancy-related mortality than those in other countries such as France or Canada.


And pregnant women could soon see their babies growing in the womb with their phones.


Most pregnancies are carried to term without problems, but complication rates are increasing. Between 2014 and 2018, pregnancy complication rates increased by more than 16 percent, while birth complication rates increased by more than 14 percent, according to Blue Cross Blue Shield.

The invention would be of real help to pregnant women who live in isolated areas and who do not have easy access to healthcare.

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