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Plants creates ultrasounds when in stressed : Founds Research

According to a recent study, even though you might not be able to hear them, they might be speaking, especially if they're stressed out or having a bad day. But, their sound will eventually be heard, so don't worry.

Researchers at Tel Aviv University have recorded and analysed these sounds, which can reveal a wealth of information, especially when it is under stress or damaged. The researchers captured an ultrasonic sound that sounds like popcorn popping at a level comparable to human speech, but at far higher frequencies of 40–80 kilohertz. Unstressed plants make less than one sound per hour, whereas stressed or wounded plants emit at least a dozen noises per hour, according to the study, which was published in the journal Cell.

Wheat, corn, cactus, and henbit were documented in addition to the study's primary focus on tomato and tobacco plants. Before the recording started, various treatments were applied to the plants. In some plants, the stem had been chopped, in others the water had not been applied for five days, and in still others, nothing had been done.The group planted plants in an acoustic box in a silent, isolated basement and installed ultrasonic microphones to record sounds at frequencies between 20 and 250 kilohertz. A human adult can perceive frequencies up to around 16 kilohertz at their highest level, it should be mentioned.

The plants in our experiment produced sounds at frequencies between 40 and 80 kilohertz, according to our records. "The stressed plants - both dehydrated and damaged - released dozens of noises every hour, whereas the unstressed plants generated less than one sound per hour, on average," stated Prof. Lilach Hadany from the School of Plant Sciences and Food Security at The George S. Wise Faculty of Life Sciences.

The team used artificial intelligence (AI) to analyse the recording and eventually identified the plant and ascertained the type and level of stress from the recordings by training the AI to recognise different plants and different types of sounds."With this investigation, we established that plants actually generate sounds, resolving a long-standing scientific debate. Our research suggests that the environment we live in is rich of plant sounds, and that these sounds include information, such as warnings about harm or a lack of water, Professor Hadany continued.

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