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The Great White Expedition Of 2011 Off The Coast Of Scotland

Ever seen Jaws' first movie that came out, most of us had rarely heard about these remarkable fish, only for it to become a massive hit in the 70s with its flesh-eating bone frantic action movie that made these big fish sound like monsters.

There have been many movies since the era of the 70s that have made us forever want to learn more about these remarkable sharks that have empowered our minds through generations of storytelling on screen.

So what if it was true? That Great whites were already in British waters? The answer to this mystery lies in the 2011 expedition in Scotland.

 A small crew set off and tried to pursue following trails of reports of sightings from locals who had seen a large fish with their own eyes.

One local guy retired teacher named Phillip Harding first encountered the shark in 2005. Phillip 'stated' ", It was a sunny day was out fishing with a friend a big fish came right up along the boat.

At first, I thought it was an orca, but then I realized it wasn't. Besides having a white belly, it also had a dorsal fin".

Even though the 'shark conversation' crew could not locate any reports of the fish being off the coast of Scotland. There was still evidence that came to light that changed the outcome of the missing puzzle piece.

A year after their little Expedition, a lobster potter found a tooth that was, sent for DNA analysis. It confirmed it to be of a great white.

It is a fact that Great White Sharks do visit British waters. Recent studies conducted in Canada have shown that pregnant females can tolerate colder water due to their larger body size. 

It's worth noting that the water temperature along the South African coast is similar to that of the UK.

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