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The Great Whites' Frosty's Northward Expedition

Ocearch had confirmed that a juvenile male white shark had been tagged at 9ft, weighing 393lb, off the coast of Nova Scotia. Frosty was given his name by Ocearch back in late December 2022.

It is their first summer tracking the big fish that has travelled so far north to the icy waters of Nova Scotia, 1 mile off White Point.

Some have asked why they only attack in the US but not Canada. In 2021, there was only one confirmed shark attack off the coast of Nova Scotia.

It could be, attributed to the fact that fewer people were swimming in the water due to being cold.

Canada boasts a substantial seal population, which is one reason why Great White Sharks venture far up the coast to reach Canada.

The British Sea may have Great White sharks if Canada has them, but there hasn't been any confirmation of their existence yet. However, anything is possible.

For several years, Ocearch has been tagging Great White Sharks. Their studies have proven to be beneficial in finding answers to all the questions about these remarkable fish.

There is still much to learn about the extent of their travel capabilities and their ability to thrive in colder waters.

Download the (Ocearch App) to track Frosty on his next journey.

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