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A clear warning issued by Sunil Gavaskar for the Indian Cricket Team

The former Indian cricketer and team skipper, Mr. Sunil Gavaskar, made an open call for balanced pitches in this ongoing Border – Gavaskar Trophy; after the Holkar Stadium in Indore received three demerit points from the International Cricket Council (ICC). The angle used during this series gained the utmost attention in the headlines for being too spinner – friendly and Gavaskar believes it can create a backfire for the hosts.

Gavaskar is among the ex- criketers who has repeatedly criticized the pitch being used in the entire series, there is a clear warning issued by Sunil Gavaskar that "India might win," the Indian skipper is concerned about the team, as Matthew Kuhnemann and Nathan Lyon were the top performing cricketers as they made their way back in the four–match series and they dominated the game.

During the game, it was observed that there was uncertainty on the pitch, which was fatal for the Indian team. This will not be an easy task as the game will get stronger and more rigid; hence, it's an open call for Rohit Sharma, the test captain, and his teammates.

"I think there has to be a little more thought on that. This pitch backfired in 2012 – 13 when Graeme Swann and Monty Panesar spun England to a win." He also added that "I don't think it's a great idea to have pitches of this quality." Here, the Indian skipper and the veteran cricketer are not happy with the quality offered for the pitches.

"You want to have a pitch where for the first couple of days, the new–ball bowlers can get some help, and the batsmen can play through the lines and score runs, and then from the day three and day 4, the ball is going to turn a little bit,” said Sunil Gavaskar.

“I don’t know what will happen in Ahmedabad if the pitch in Ahmedabad is a raging turner, then India might go on to win, but once again, the pitch might get demerit points,” he added. Gavaskar expects a lot from Rohit Sharma to provide a solid foundation for India in their next future of the Super 12 stage at the T20 World Cup, as Rohit-led India will face the Netherlands before their first test match with Australia.

 Indian openers Rohit Sharma and KL Rahul have repeatedly failed to fire for Virat Kohli's starter team. They were registered as identical scorers in the final thriller against the Green Army (Pakistan).

"A good platform is what everyone looks at. You give a good platform, a good start, and it makes that much easier for somebody coming down at four or five to start hitting the ball from the first ball. They don't have to give themselves time to settle in; they don't have to give themselves time to settle the ship like India had to go against Pakistan when they were found with wickets down for 31. So, even if you get a slightly slower start, maybe about 40 after losing one wicket, that is a much better platform than 31/4.” Said Gavaskar.

The umpire allegedly warned Ravi Chandran Ashwin for obstructing the non-striker's view with his flow – though Ashwin did not look happy as he and Ajinkya Rahane chatted with Menon to discuss the matter in depth.

Talking about the verbal exchanges between R. Ashwin, Ajinkya Rahane, and Nitin Menon, Gavaskar made a statement that India's stand-in. Captain was trying to determine why the bowler received a warning despite not stepping into the dangerous area.

He further highlighted that there is no penalty for a bowler trying to do what Ashwin did in the match, and after a warning from the umpire, Ashwin kept balling on the same pitch.

“When you see a champion being applauded, it is natural to aspire to be like them. We will know we are on the right track when our team members perform well. There are two titles that I would like the Indian team to achieve – the World Test Championship and the ODI World Cup. The Asia Cup is coming up between the two. If that too comes to India, there is nothing else like it" – Gavaskar's words.

Gavaskar also criticized former Pakistan players for coming to attack Indian players. He said that this is being done to gather people on social media and to be noticed in India, and former Indian players do not stand for such jobs.

 If they win one more Test against Australia, India will be assured of qualifying for the World Test Championship final. However, Gavaskar also reminds us not to forget that the ODI World Cup, which India is hosting, is mainly untitled

It is a big challenge for India in their upcoming test series against their biggest competitors Australia the test series will be a delight for fans. 

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