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Analysis of India's cricket performance

Players past their prime make up the majority of the Indian team. The side’s collective agility is waning, and fitness standards are at an all-time low. Two T20 World Cups in two years have failed due to the team’s meek, old-fashioned style of play. A few seniors have a tense relationship, which only makes matters worse.

India had performed poorly in the T20 World Cups in 2009 and 2010, and they were fielding a team whose best Test years were behind them. 2011 was a year in which the team experienced its most significant and worst moments. India won the ODI World Cup at home. In that same year, they lost in England and later in Australia, which prompted a long overdue team makeover. However, the problem lies in this context.

Every great team today has a vulnerability when they are forced to play outside of their comfort zone, and the Indian squad is highlighting this weakness. The team crumbles when they are away from home; South Africa is a good example, as is India in England and Sri Lanka. We no longer have a strong Test team, which has been the case for some time. We have no group that is consistently a champion. What is the reason behind it?

We may have already witnessed the pinnacle of Test cricket. The quality of Test cricket will inevitably decline as the format’s popularity declines, which is a fundamental reality that all fans of the game must acknowledge. It is difficult for the batsmen to get used to the present conditions immediately. Even the bowlers face problems with it. Only a selected few batsmen can currently make these adjustments in Test matches. Otherwise, there is a general decline in Test batsmanship.

Experts claim India’s ‘conservative’ and ‘timid’ approach to batting is the reason behind the determination. Other causes include the nation, which has an intense passion for cricket. Due to this, the Indian cricket team frequently faces excellent expectations from fans and the media. The pressure to perform well regularly in ICC competitions may affect the players' mindset and performance. The weather may be significantly different from what Indian players are used to in ICC championships held across the world. The squad may have trouble adjusting to these climatic conditions and playing surfaces. The Indian unit occasionally features young or inexperienced players compared to other teams competing in ICC competitions. This lack of prior exposure to high-stress situations may affect the team’s performance.

ICC tournament performance may be impacted by the Indian team’s plans, team selection, and tactical decisions made by the coaching staff and team management. The team’s overall performance in ICC competitions might be affected by essential player injuries or a slump in form. The Indian squad competes against formidable foes, including groups with illustrious histories in the sport. Due to the intense competition, it may be challenging for any team, including India, to perform well in these matches consistently.

Hence, the Indian team should make the required adjustments to improve at the upcoming World Cups.

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