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MLB Postseason Picture

The MLB playoffs represent the pinnacle of the professional baseball season, serving as the culminating event after the grueling 162-game regular season. The playoffs, often characterized  by intense rivalries and nail-biting moments, showcase the best teams from both the American  and National Leagues vying for the prestigious World Series title. The playoffs typically consist  of three rounds: the Wild Card Games, Division Series, and Championship Series, culminating in  the World Series.  

The playoffs amplify the drama and excitement that surround America's favorite pastime.  Passionate fan bases come alive with energy, filling stadiums with a cacophony of cheers and  chants, creating an electric atmosphere that resonates throughout the game. The air is thick with  anticipation as teams battle it out on the diamond, each striving for that crucial series-clinching  victory that will propel them one step closer to the ultimate championship.  

One of the most enthralling aspects of the MLB playoffs is the unpredictability they bring. Teams  with the best records during the regular season don't always guarantee success in the playoffs, as  the dynamics of the postseason often bring out the best in underdog teams, leading to surprising  

upsets and unexpected heroics. The pressure to perform under the spotlight is immense, with  every pitch, swing, and catch carrying the weight of the entire season.  

Players showcase their exceptional talents and resilience during the playoffs, often transcending  their regular-season performances to deliver unforgettable moments etched into the annals of  baseball history. From clutch home runs to breathtaking defensive plays and dominant pitching  performances, the playoffs are a showcase of the sport's finest athletes giving their all for the  chance to etch their names in the record books.  

Moreover, the MLB playoffs serve as a unifying force, bringing communities and fans together,  fostering a sense of camaraderie and shared passion for the game. Whether it's the underdog team  defying all odds or the perennial contender solidifying their legacy, the playoffs provide a  platform for captivating narratives that resonate with fans across the globe. 

We are currently in the 2023 postseason playoffs to determine who will be eligible to play in  the World Series. There are a total of twelve teams from different divisions and brackets competing in a series bracket in order to reach the final two. The Philadelphia Phillies and the  Houston Astros (winner of the 2022 World Series) were both in the playoffs again, but with a  twist of fate, they were swept out of the competition. Shockingly, the Los Angeles Dodgers and the Baltimore Orioles met the same fate. The postseason games have left fans wondering which  underdog team will they be rooting for in the World Series?  

The answer to that question is the Arizona Diamondbacks, who have the third-worst winning record of  any World Series finalist team. They were outdone by the 2006 St. Louis Cardinals (who went on  to win the World Series) and the 1973 New York Mets (who did not). The 2023 season started  typically for the Diamondbacks, where they continued to lose against  other MLB teams. That is until batting percentages improved, more home runs were hit, and their pitches were on their absolute A-game, striking out opposing batters. This led this now star- studded team to win in the series against the Dodgers and Phillies, two of the best teams in the  league, which secured their spot in the World Series.  

The Diamondbacks will certainly have their work cut out for them against the other World Series  finalist, the Texas Rangers. Contrasting the Diamondbacks, the Rangers have a strong reputation. Though it is only their third time in the World Series, the Rangers have been eligible for the  playoffs in recent seasons. With a high winning percentage, they have been able to sweep out  even infamous teams like the New York Yankees.  

In conclusion, the MLB playoffs represent a thrilling culmination of the baseball season,  encapsulating the essence of competition, sportsmanship, and the enduring spirit of America's  favorite pastime. With every swing of the bat and every pitch thrown, the playoffs embody the  epitome of athletic excellence and the enduring love for the game that unites fans and players  alike. Through this, we will witness the true heart of the game in the World Series between  the Arizona Diamondbacks and the Texas Rangers. 

Edited by: Sally (Anh) Ngo

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