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Porsche Cayenne gets a new version this month

The famous SUV, from the German Porsche brand founded in 1931 by Ferdinand Porsche and his son Ferry Porsche, gets a new version this year. In mid-April, the brand announced that it will showcase the new style at the Shanghai Auto Show in China (on the 18th), which is one of its main markets.

 Few years ago, Porsche knows that the SUV is most responsible for saving the brand in the past, for being a best-seller, and for bringing many new customers to the squad car. For the 911 fast and consumers, thank the Cayenne, thanks to it, they are on the streets. So, for these reasons, the brand is dedicated to improving the car and always yielding from it, new projects. 

The Cayenne, as one of the most famous cars in the world, has a splendid appearance and causes awakening in new and prospective buyers. The car has an impressive performance, with up to five seats. The German Porsche brand always emphasizes when talking about the Cayenne that despite everything, no matter whether the car is a family car or an SUV, it is first and foremost a sports car. 

It may seem that the Cayenne will not receive many changes and that it will be more of a restyling, but the brand is going for major modifications. The tests already happened and were made to test several situations. The tests took place off-road and inside race tracks, all this to improve the car in several aspects. And thanks to photographer Wilco Blok, some changes were caught that reveal the silhouette to change settings or customize buttons for example.

The main news is that parts of the Taycan, the brand's electric car, and the 911, another best-seller of the brand, are present in the new project. The interior is composed of the dashboard and gear selector from the Taycan, while the steering wheel is entirely from the 911. The unveiled interior enhances the user experience and the styling is evolutionary, for those who are using it, for example, but especially for the driver. 

The start button has a new design but is still obvious to the left of the steering wheel, which is also new. The driving mode selector (Normal, Offroad, Sport, and Sport Plus) is now a standard item, and the driver assistance system controls are redesigned on the steering wheel. The PCM, or multimedia centre has a new start screen for passengers, but it is still 12.3 inches. 

The new Porsche has a gearshift lever between the centre panel and the steering wheel, which creates a space in the car's centre console for a technological new panel for analogue and air conditioning controls. On the outside of the car, new headlights, new bumpers, and a rear end will adopt the bumper-plate style and interlocking lanterns. 

For the electric car frenzy, the brand already promises a 100% electric Cayenne for 2025. But it will keep hybrid versions, along with the 2.9 V6 and 4.0 V8, depending on the version chosen. Upgrades to electric motors and batteries are expected, with improved charging and a likely increase in power in the different versions. The global queue is already created, and this will result in the new SUV arriving in certain countries only next year (2024).

edited by Palak Chauhan




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