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The Fab-4 Chronicles: Virat Kohli's Golden Year and the Collective Brilliance of Cricket's Modern Maestros in 2023

In the ever-evolving landscape of international cricket, the Fab-4, comprising Virat Kohli, Steve Smith, Kane Williamson, and Joe Root, remains a captivating narrative for fans worldwide. As the cricketing calendar of 2023 unfolded, these modern-day maestros left an indelible mark on the game, collectively scoring 3082 runs and notching up 11 centuries in Test cricket. Simultaneously, they contributed a commendable 2551 runs as a unit in One Day Internationals (ODIs). Let's delve deeper into the individual contributions, their contrasting styles, and the overall impact these cricketing stalwarts had on the sport in the past year.


When it comes to standout performances in 2023, Virat Kohli emerges as the torchbearer of the Fab-4. His contribution has been nothing short of phenomenal, overshadowing the collective efforts of the quartet. Scoring over 50 per cent of the Fab-4's runs in both ODIs and Tests, Kohli has once again asserted his dominance on the global stage.


In ODIs, Kohli's batting average of 72.47 is a testament to his consistency and ability to anchor the innings. Not only has he been the leading run-scorer in ODIs, but his impact goes beyond the numbers influencing crucial victories for the Indian team. His prowess in chasing targets and building partnerships has been instrumental in India's success in limited-overs cricket.


In the Test arena, Kohli's average of 55.92 showcases his adaptability and resilience. Whether facing pacers or spinners, at home or away, Kohli continues to be the linchpin of the Indian Test batting lineup. His leadership qualities, coupled with prolific run-scoring, make him an indispensable force in red-ball cricket.



Beyond the statistics, Kohli's captaincy and aggressive on-field demeanour add layers to his cricketing persona. His intensity and commitment to fitness set new benchmarks for aspiring cricketers, making him not just a run machine but a symbol of determination and work ethic.


While Virat Kohli has been the standout performer, Steve Smith, with his unconventional yet effective style, has also left an indelible mark in 2023. Although his ODI average of 31.35 might seem modest compared to Kohli's, Smith's ability to play crucial innings in pressure situations cannot be overlooked.


In Tests, Smith's average of 42.23 reflects his proficiency in the longest format. Known for his unorthodox technique, Smith has once again demonstrated his ability to anchor the Australian batting lineup and play marathon innings. His unique style adds a layer of unpredictability, keeping bowlers on their toes.


Off the field, Smith's journey of redemption after the infamous ball-tampering scandal has been a compelling subplot. His resilience and determination to overcome setbacks highlight the mental fortitude required to succeed at the highest level of the game.

New Zealand's captain, Kane Williamson, often referred to as the "Silent Maestro," has quietly gone about his business in 2023. His ODI average of 70.00 is a testament to his classical yet effective batting style. Williamson's ability to construct innings and play the waiting game makes him a formidable force in the 50-over format.


In Tests, Williamson's average of 57.92 is a reflection of his consistency and ability to convert beginnings into substantial scores. The Kiwi captain's calm demeanour belies the intensity with which he approaches his batting. His captaincy acumen, combined with a prolific run-scoring record, makes him an invaluable asset for New Zealand.


Off the field, Williamson's sportsmanship and dignified conduct have earned him admiration globally. His leadership during New Zealand's historic triumph in the ICC World Test Championship added another feather to his cap, solidifying his legacy as one of the finest batsmen and leaders in contemporary cricket.



As the captain of the English Test team, Joe Root has had a noteworthy year with the bat. His Test average of 65.58 is the highest among the Fab-4 in the longer format for 2023. Root's ability to lead from the front and set the tone for the team has been evident in the Test matches played during the year.


In ODIs, Root's average of 24.23 might not stand out compared to his peers, but his role in stabilising the innings and providing a platform for the explosive middle order is crucial. Root's classical batting style adds balance to England's limited-overs lineup.


Off the field, Root's captaincy and diplomacy have been commendable, steering the English team through challenging periods. His commitment to the team's cause and ability to lead by example have earned him respect, making him a pivotal figure in English cricket.


Collectively, the Fab-4 has showcased their unwavering commitment to run-scoring excellence, amassing 3082 runs in Tests. The 11 centuries scored by this quartet underline their ability to convert stars into three-figure scores, a trait that sets them apart in the world of Test cricket.


In ODIs, the Fab-4's contribution of 2551 runs highlights their impact in shaping the fortunes of their respective teams in white-ball cricket. While Kohli dominated the run charts, the combined brilliance of Smith, Williamson, and Root added a layer of competitiveness to the ODIs played in 2023.


What makes the Fab-4 intriguing is the stark contrast in their batting styles, each bringing a unique flavour to the game. Kohli's aggression and ability to dominate the bowlers, Smith's unorthodox yet effective technique, Williamson's classical elegance, and Root's textbook strokes create a delightful mosaic of cricketing artistry.


In ODIs, Kohli's masterful chases, Smith's unorthodox but effective contributions, Williamson's measured approach, and Root's stability form a dynamic quartet that adapts to different match situations. In Tests, their contrasting techniques make for compelling contests, as bowlers have to devise distinct strategies to dismiss each of them.



As the cricketing calendar progresses, the Fab-4 will continue to be under the microscope, facing new challenges and scaling new heights. With Test championships, ICC events, and bilateral series on the horizon, each member will strive to leave an indelible mark on the game.


Challenges such as adapting to different conditions, handling the pressures of leadership, and maintaining peak fitness levels will test the mettle of these cricketing stalwarts. However, it is precisely these challenges that add layers to their legacies and contribute to the ever-evolving narrative of international cricket.


While each member of the Fab-4 brings a unique set of skills to the table, 2023 has undoubtedly been the year of Virat Kohli. His golden run with the bat, both in ODIs and Tests, has set him apart as the premier batsman among the quartet. Kohli's hunger for runs, coupled with his leadership qualities, makes him a force to be reckoned with in the cricketing world.


As the cricketing calendar unfolds, the performances of the Fab-4 will continue to captivate fans, and the narrative of this elite quartet will add another chapter to the cricketing annals. For now, in the year 2023, Virat Kohli's standout performances have taken centre stage in the enthralling story of the Fab-4. As cricket enthusiasts eagerly await the next chapter, the legacy of these four modern-day greats will endure, shaping the narrative of international cricket for years to come.


Edited by: Jonathan Nwabenu


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