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A timetable of employment cutbacks in prominent companies through 2023

The most recent businesses to announce layoffs include Meta, Amazon, and Credit Suisse. This revised timeline includes some of the more significant dismissals as well as the rationale behind company employee reductions.


The sector gets ready for a harsh reality as consumer spending slows and the economy cools. Over 60,000 workers lost their employment due to business layoffs in the U.S. in January 2023 alone, indicating a significant upheaval in the tech industry. This year, a number of prominent tech companies, including Google, Microsoft, Amazon, and Salesforce, have all announced significant layoffs.


Despite the fact that many tech firms have shrunk, many are still bigger than they were three years ago. However, industry experts anticipate an additional reduction in 2023 due to inflation in the U.S.A.


Wedbush analysts forecast that when Silicon Valley transitions from a phase of rapid expansion to cost-cutting measures in 2023, the trend of tech layoffs will continue. Despite an overall drop in layoffs in 2022, the tech industry accounted for one in four of them. 


Numerous businesses in the banking, media, and technology sectors have already declared layoffs for 2023 as the sector adjusts to the changing economic situation.


These businesses are included along with information about the layoffs.


Indeed to make a significant reduction of 2,200 workers:


Nearly 15% of the workers at Indeed.com will be eliminated, according to the company's announcement. The employment layoffs will affect all corporate activities, levels, and geographies, according to CEO Chris Hyams. In a memo, Hyams noted that although the choice was challenging, it was done with considerable care.


Logitech announces the dismissal of 300 workers:


In a significant global reorganization, computer accessory manufacturer Logitech International has announced it will let go of roughly 300 people. The choice was disappointing, according to the company's spokeswoman Nicole Kenyon, who also noted the commercial dip that followed the pandemic boom when computer peripherals were in high demand due to demands for work-from-home policies.


Amazon will eliminate 9,000 additional workers:


Following the company's largest-ever firing spree, Amazon is preparing for another round of layoffs, with 9,000 employees on the chopping board. Positions across divisions, including its successful cloud computing and advertising businesses, will be affected by the job reduction. This action shows that the internet giant's cost-saving strategy is permeating every aspect of its operations as other industry titans imitate it by reducing costs. Andy claims that the business made the decision to cut expenses and staff as a result of the unstable economic environment.


9,000 jobs will be lost at Credit Suisse:


Before being dragged into crisis discussions over the weekend, Credit Suisse Group AG was already dealing with a difficult situation. In order to avoid further losses, the Swiss lender had already been laying off 9,000 employees as part of its turnaround plan. 


However, despite UBS Group's recent agreement to buy the insolvent bank, its problems are far from over. With a combined employee base of close to 125,000, 30% of whom are situated in Switzerland, the acquisition's prospective employment effects are still unknown.

Meta intends to eliminate thousands of positions in a fresh wave:


Facebook's parent company, Meta, has announced a new round of layoffs that would result in the elimination of almost 10,000 jobs. With some continuing until the end of the year, the majority of job cutbacks will be disclosed in April and May. This action follows the company's revelation in November 2022 that it would be cutting 13% of its employees or more than 11,000 jobs. In order to create a more horizontal organizational structure, the restructuring plan calls for the termination of lesser priority projects, the elimination of 5,000 planned job opportunities, and streamlining of middle management levels.


More employees will be let go by Meta next week:


In a new round of cost-cutting measures, Meta, the parent company of Facebook and Instagram, plans to let go of thousands of workers. According to reports, the largest social networking firm in the world is attempting to become a more efficient organization by axing further positions on top of the 13% cut from the previous year. Meta cut 11,000 people in its first significant layoff.


500 employees will be let go by Atlassian due to budget cuts in the technology sector.

Due to recent layoffs in the tech industry, software giant Atlassian has revealed plans to fire 500 employees or about 5% of its staff. Mike Cannon-Brookes and Scott Farquhar, co-founders and co-chief executives, said the downsizing is focused on recruiting and program.


Citigroup will eliminate 1% of jobs:


Less than 1% of Citigroup's 240,000 employees will be affected by the move to eliminate hundreds of positions across all segments. According to reports, employees of the operations and technology organization, as well as the United States mortgage-underwriting arm, will be among those impacted, in addition to the division 

responsible for investment banking.


Google cuts off 12000 employees: 


In January, Google announced that it was cutting 12,000 jobs. Although speculation about the layoffs had swirled for months, the layoffs were nonetheless a shock for some employees.



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