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Humane AI: The Future of Wearable Technology

Humane AI is a startup that is revolutionizing the world of wearable technology. Founded by ex-Apple designer Imran Chaudhri, the company is building the first AI hardware and software platform that is designed to be both powerful and thoughtfully designed. 

The goal of Humane's AI technology is to design and develop AI that improves humans, enhances human capabilities, and empowers both individuals and society as a whole to develop AI that extends human potential. The company's focus is on crafting AI technology that is not only powerful but also thoughtfully designed. 

Humane AI is an approach to designing and developing AI that aims to not replace the human but enhance the human. Humane AI is committed to creating AI technology that aligns with human values and is ethical and trustworthy. At a recent TED talk, Chaudhri gave a demonstration of the AI-powered wearable that the company is building. The device is a small projector that can be worn on the wrist like a watch. It responds to voice commands and can translate languages in real-time. The device also has a "catch me up" feature that scrapes your meetings and gives you a quick list of important things you may have missed.

Humane AI has raised $230 million in funding, including $100 million announced in March. The company's investors include Kindred Ventures, SK Networks, LG Technology Ventures, Microsoft, Volvo Cars Tech Fund, Tiger Global, Qualcomm Ventures, and OpenAI CEO and co-founder Sam Altman.

The company's latest wearable AI demo is impressive. Chaudhri simply asks the AI where he can buy a gift by holding one finger on the device. The device responds with the name of a shopping district. He taps two fingers on the device, says a sentence, and the device translates the sentence into another language, stating it back using an AI-generated clone of his voice.

Humane AI is a company to watch in the coming years. With its focus on creating AI technology that is humane and helpful to humans, the company is poised to make a significant impact on the world of wearable technology. As the company continues to develop its AI-powered wearable, we can expect to see more impressive demos and updates in the coming months.

As AI technology becomes more prevalent, there are growing ethical concerns surrounding its use. Some of the main ethical issues include privacy and surveillance, bias and discrimination, and the potential for AI to make decisions that have a significant impact on people's lives without proper oversight. 

Humane AI is addressing these concerns by taking a human-centered approach to designing and developing AI that improves humans and enhances human capabilities. The company is committed to creating AI technology that aligns with human values and is ethical and trustworthy. 

Humane AI is also involved in an interdisciplinary initiative for engaging the societal outcomes and opportunities that are emerging with advances in artificial intelligence, robotics, machine learning, and big data. 

The initiative aims to establish an ongoing forum for exploring differences in understanding the goal of aligning artificial intelligence with human values and to contribute to discussion-driven examinations of the ethical, social, political, and legal issues surrounding AI technology.


Editor: Ms.Fahima Afrin

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