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Playstation VR 2: A Review

February 22: The day Playstation’s new Virtual Reality headset launches worldwide. The much-anticipated new headset has finally arrived. A slate of new games arrived on launch day, with more on the way. The PSVR2 comes with a much-needed update to their systems within the machine and outside that, not only is an update for PlayStation VR but Virtual Reality as a whole, including PC’s multiple takes on Virtual Reality.


PlayStation VR2 shows off its exciting new modes and features - Meristation  USA

PlayStation VR2


 The internal hardware is refreshing and new. Updated heavily from the original headset, the second VR comes with a new Organic Light-Emitting Diode or OLED display that increases graphic fidelity, refresh rate, and a higher field of view for a more seamless, immersive experience. The headset also has a higher refresh rate, which allows for more dynamic views, seamless gameplay, and faster loading times that rival the Playstation Five’s lightning-fast speeds. The headset comes with eye tracking technology, new controllers, vibrational technology that allows for more immersion, and a sleeker design that makes players excited to donn the headset and jump into the multitude of games available on day one. Unlike the previous iteration, this headset has one cable and no camera. The previous VR headset included a bulky wire, a power station, many cords, and a singular camera that tracked everything together. This new headset has a singular, thin, light cable that attaches to the front of the PlayStation 5 and cameras around the edge of the headset that allow for a more comfortable fit around the head along with a vastly improved tracking system, allowing the controllers and the individual, more freedom of movement around the room. After some hands-on time with the headset, the improvements shined through almost immediately. Unboxing the VR, you lay your hands on five items: The headset, two “sense” controllers, complimentary headphones, and a wire. The wire was for connecting the sense controllers to the PlayStation 5 console. Moreover, two other packages from the PlayStation website included everything in the box, plus Horizon: Call of the Mountain, one of the flagship titles for the headset, or a charging station for the sense controllers. 


PlayStation VR2 launches in February at $549.99 – PlayStation.Blog

Horizon: Call of the Mountain PSVR2 Bundle


The collection I got was the headset plus an extra package for the charging pad, which reduces the charging time by about an hour and a half. The charging time from the PlayStation 5 is about 3 hours.  The headset itself has a brand-new immersive style. The sides of the headset have haptic feedback that allows you to feel like you’re truly inside the game. A game that I have played quite a lot on the original PlayStation Virtual Reality was a game known as Pistol Whip. Pistol Whip, made by CloudHead Games, puts you in the shoes of a runner with a pistol getting ready to shoot any enemy that stands in their way. The game is a rhythm game where you shoot and whip your way through enemies to a beat, mainly electronic dance music, and some western classics. The VR headset allows Pistol Whip to shine through the use of the new haptic feedback, making guns feel real and the use of the haptics on the headset itself. Feeling the bullets whizz by your head as you dodge and duck around the multiple suited baddies trying to stop you from leaving the area is a level of intensity never before seen in Virtual Reality. 


The sense controllers are revolutionary on the first playthrough. Furthermore, the haptic feedback is similar to the Dualsense PS5 controllers, which adds a new exciting level of immersion that I love. The new controllers have different button mapping than the last VR iteration, including a split button scheme, two joysticks, and two different ways to grip: A side “R1” button and the trigger buttons on the back of the controller. The new controllers are reminiscent of PC VR controllers like the Oculus and Meta controllers, but in my opinion, more lightweight with a sleeker, comfier design. 

The controllers are a massive upgrade to the old ones with a more ergonomic design that almost molds with the users' hands themselves. The headset, plus the controllers, brings a new sense of immersion and realism never seen in the PlayStation family of Virtual Reality consoles.


Taking this headset for a spin during launch week was exciting and revolutionary. I got a feel for a few games, the new controllers, and the headset. Being immersed in these virtual worlds was an experience unfelt in years, and I loved every second. The new VR, in addition to the new controllers, took me for a ride that made me feel like a kid again; it was beautiful. I hope others have the same experiences as I do with this brand-new venture into Virtual Reality PlayStation has gifted us.

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