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The future of digital content: A Look at OpenAI's Dall-E

The future is now.” This is how an article concerning AI was titled and rightfully so considering how AI is making us take leaps into the future with its advancements in every field that it is being introduced to. A fairly new addition to this is the AI-generated tool called Dall-e developed by OpenAI.

What is OpenAI?

Open AI is an American artificial intelligence research laboratory. The company’s mission is to use AI in a way that benefits humanity as a whole.


What is Dall-e?

Dall-e is an AI system that reads natural language and produces images based on the description given. Natural language, here, means the language that we use to text and communicate in our day-to-day lives.


Dall-e does not only produce images based on the description given to it, but it also reproduces various versions of the original image that is given to it as input.  It can also be used to add and delete elements and make realistic edits to existing images as the tool takes into account shadows, reflections and textures.


Currently, a newer version of Dall-e called Dall-e 2 is available in beta for users to try out. The newer version produces more realistic and accurate images with four times greater resolution than the previous version.


How does it work?

On the surface, Dall-e works by taking an input sentence, breaking it down into individual words, and then generating an image based on those words. For example, if you asked Dall-e to generate an image of a “dog playing with a ball”, it would take the individual words and generate a picture of a dog playing with a ball. Since AI uses deep learning, Dall-e refers to the texts and images in its library to give the user what it is looking for. Diving deeper, Dall-e actually has two neural networks built into it that interact with each other to produce images never seen before. The two neural networks are a generator, which matches images to text and generates the image, and a discriminator, which evaluates the image.


How to get started?

In order to use Dall-e, users are required to sign up on the site. Signing up gives the users access to all of the AI tools created by OpenAI. Once the account is set up, the user can type in the kind of image they would like the tool to generate. The user can upload an image if they wish to edit the image. The interface offers further instructions to ease user experience and provides suggestions for descriptions that can be entered after each search. The image generated can then be saved, edited or have variations of the same image displayed to them.

 It is important to note that the system runs on credit points, placing a limit on the number of searches per user. Users are provided 50 credit points that decrease when the tools are used. The user can buy credits to increase their credit points but apart from that, 15 credit points are added to their account each month.



Dall-e is groundbreaking in its ability to generate images from natural language and is sure to open up new possibilities for AI-driven image generation. The tool is fun and exciting to use, and gets the mind working to create the most ridiculously creative images there are. The thumbnail of this editorial has been created using Dall-e and personally speaking, the experience was highly enjoyable and mind-blowing. The incredible thing about using Dall-e is experiencing what it is like to interact with AI- how it reads the text given to it and how it returns the output based on what it understands. The tool is indeed worth a try.

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