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The History of Lovebot

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If you're a watcher of the H3 Podcast starring Ethan Klein and all his fellow friends and co-workers, you probably know who Love is. He's seen most of the time when the camera pans away from Ethan and to the operation behind the camera. Love is the owner of the Twitter account @H3Out and manages H3 Production's social media, podcast highlights, and the infamous Lovebot. But Love's more than just a social media manager; he adds valuable insight and impeccable anecdotes to the content of the show.

You may have noticed that Love isn't actually in the studio during filming but rather there for the show via Zoom on a monitor, or Lovebot, as fans know him. This is because Love is from Sweden and currently lives there full-time. The H3 studio is in Southern California, which makes it hard for Love to do the show in person since he's lacking a working visa. Love has visited the United States in the past to do the show at the office, and fans of the show enjoyed his presence with the rest of the crew for the short period that he did.

So, you may be wondering, "How did Lovebot come to be?"

The podcast was recorded over Zoom throughout the pandemic, so Love didn't feel left out of the production until they were back in the office recording in person. Love couldn't be at the office, so he tweeted out on May 21, 2021, on his Twitter account this tweet, saying "Okay… Just hear me out @h3h3productions," quote tweeting Ethan's Twitter handle. Ethan liked the tweet, and they started working behind the scenes to make it happen. Lovebot was introduced to the show on the pilot episode for a sub-show called Off the Rails  less than a week later.

Photo courtesy of Twitter

The Lovebot cost an astounding $4,000, but the purchase was seen as an investment for the show since Love was now able to participate. The cost of Lovebot hit even harder when his screen got damaged for the first time on June 11, 2021, during a rage room episode of the podcast. It appears Lovebot tripped over some glass that was on the ground from the smashing of a car window. The cracking of his screen was a sad moment for Love and the crew, who only knew him for a short few weeks. The broken Lovebot was replaced with another, larger Lovebot for a couple of episodes in August 2021 but was quickly reverted to its original bot due to the new Lovebot being much slower and harder to drive. It also had a bad microphone and an even worse speaker. The most devastating parts of Lovebot 2.0 were the shiny screen that reflected film lights and the horizontal screen that was way too big to create the illusion of Love being a robot.


The thought of a humanoid-looking robot replacing the original Lovebot may seem crazy, right? Well, it was done (sort of) in a segment of an H3 After Dark episode on August 29, 2021, where the crew goofs on the unveiling of a robot made by Tesla. Ethan dressed up in a skin-tight black bodysuit, covered his face, and attached a monitor to his chest that displayed Love. Love and the crew played along as if Love were the real robot, only to later reveal that it was Ethan all along, again goofing on the fact that it was a man dressed up as a robot in the Tesla promo video.

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Around the end of 2021, after the tease of the Tesla Bot X Lovebot, the original Lovebot battery became defective, and Lovebot was no longer able to move freely around the office. The monitor still worked, and podcast viewers were able to see Love's face during the show, but the robot had to stay stationary and plugged into a wall throughout the episode. Love was understandably upset about the situation, stating, "This was a massive bummer [that was] not necessarily noticeable on the show but more so for my abilities to hang out with the crew after the cameras were turned off." Lovebot stayed stationary up until the start of 2022.

Love was able to make it out to the US for a few weeks in May of 2022. He, of course, hung out with the crew and helped record a few podcast episodes while he was there. On his last official podcast episode on May 12, 2022, Love was presented with a new Lovebot that was bigger than the original one and styled with many memes that regular podcast viewers would get a laugh at. Some of these little knick-knacky memes included a Pokimane framed photo, a Swedish Fish aquarium, and a bottle of G Fuel. Though it was never fully recognized as such, this was the creation of Lovebot 3.0.


Love is a big fan of Pokimane, the most popular female Twitch streamer on the platform, and was able to meet her through the H3 Podcast. Love was very self-conscious about meeting Pokimane in Lovebot 3.0 because of its larger size and inability to move around. Dan, who's the producer of the podcast, plays a role of a mad scientist for a bit during the show and fixes the original Lovebot. With Lovebot 2.0 repaired and mobile, Love was able to meet Pokimane confidently and with style. He even had a cute little outfit on that hung underneath the screen made by Sam Temple, an associate producer of the show! 

Photo courtesy of YouTube

In actuality, Love contacted the company that made the robot, and they offered to fix the screen and battery for him for free. Though it may ruin the magic of it all, technically, Love doesn't know if the fixed Lovebot is the original Lovebot because the company could've easily swapped out the broken one with a brand-new one. So, the current Lovebot 2.0 could be Lovebot 4.0? We'll continue to pretend that that's not the case.

After the Pokimane episode, Love went back to using Lovebot 3.0, which can be seen in episodes of the podcast behind Dan. Love says that he enjoys doing the show on Lovebot 3.0, though I and the rest of the H3 community would love to see him back in the studio with the crew! The bigger screen of Lovebot 3.0 has brought inspiration to Love as well, referring to the monitor and saying, "... my canvas has increased, and I'm able to do more goofs!"

Lovebot 2.0 (possibly 4.0) is still being used today by Love! Every other day after the show, Love can be seen scurrying around the studio, attending meetings or simply hanging out with the crew, The H3 Family.


This article was written in support of Love obtaining his visa to move to the United States. To further support Love and the H3 Podcast, please follow their social media links below.


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