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Top 10 Hottest New EVs Arriving in 2024

2023 saw electric vehicles go thoroughly mainstream with surging sales, expanded charging infrastructure and nearly every major automaker unveiling plans for new emissions-free models. But trends show 2024 shaping up as the real banner year where practical, appealing EVs hit roads in higher volumes across more affordable price brackets beyond just luxury flagships.

From sleek sedans and cool crossover SUVs to outlandish hypercars boasting insane acceleration, these coming top 10 EVs generate prime buzz for 2024 and beyond.

Tesla Model 2

No list starts without first mentioning highly secretive Tesla plans. Though Elon Musk himself hinted compact Model 2 sedans enter production by 2024’s close sporting anticipated $25,000 base stickers, Tesla’s terra factory in Austin aims pumping out first Model Y crossovers sharing the new platform.

This signals strong outlook expanding Tesla’s sales footprint into more mid-market income levels globally if production ramps successfully. And Giga Texas’ scale provides capacity making over 3 million units by 2025 as module line automation improves. Cybertruck is also delayed to likely 2024 or even 2025. So Model 2 debuts mark a major milestone for Musk’s grand electrification vision spanning vehicle classes through the decade. 

Mercedes Benz Vision EQXX

Mercedes made a splash early 2023 when its futuristic Vision EQXX prototype clocked over 1,200 km on a single charge from Germany to Southern France. While merely a design study so far, the dazzling concept sedan previews dramatic efficiencies automakers can achieve within 5 years thanks to advances like low rolling resistance tires, solar integration and lighter sustainable composites.

Expect to see Vision EQXX tech filter into actual Mercedes models appearing through 2024 like its Tesla Model 3 rivalling EQE production variant, boosting range towards fingertip-straining 700 miles. bonus EQXX nods also showcase Mercedes still leads innovative strides even as startup competitors abound.

VinFast Global VFe3

Vietnam shocked Detroit unveiling 5 electric crossover SUV models at November’s LA Auto Show under nascent automaker VinFast. But what excites most is their promised sub-$40,000 USD sticker prices including battery packs and 10 year warranties – a value proposition hoisting affordability benchmarks through 2024 model rollout. 

VinFast’s global export assault starts exporting 30,000 battery equipped units oversees come 2023 before scaling towards full US distribution from late 2024. Handsome, tech-stuffed interiors plus generous standard equipment like Level 2 autonomy, online updates and forward collision assistance make the VFe35 look strong shaking up Asian and American entry level EV markets. 

Porsche 718 EV

 Stuttgart speed icon Porsche revs ahead electrifying its full lineup by 2030. After Taycan sedan success, Porsche’s beloved 718 Boxter/Cayman lines receive bright makeovers shifting towards 800V silicone carbide-loaded architectures promising 300 mile ranges and sub-12 second quarter mile sprints.  

But unlike Tesla abandoning internal combustion completely, Porsche plans initial EV runs alongside last ICE 718 hurrahs maintaining that signature boxer engine wail through 2025 for purist collectors. 718 EV order books open early 2023 promising 2024 customer deliveries where your midlife splurge sustains planet health without sacrificing soul-stirring joyrides.

Fisker PEAR

Flamboyant auto designer Henrik Fisker markets his second attempt captivating EV crowds through a compact urban runabout called PEAR ("Personal Electric Automotive Revolution"). Priced below $30,000 including incentives, Fisker’s budget play channels vintage MINI Cooper charm albeit with sustainable materials and clever gadgets like rotating lidar sensors.

Built across Europe and eventually United States too, lightweight solar panel integrated PEARs enter assembly by late 2023 targeting North American and European city dwellers. While delayed before, Fisker’s scrappy team can’t keep buzz contained around affordable sustainable mobility you can tough park anywhere.

Lucid Gravity

While Tesla obsesses perfecting cost-effective sedans, NASDAQ darling Lucid goes upmarket like Porsche electricifying existing luxury models. A 2023 hit with its Air flagship already ranging 500 miles, Lucid previews sport utility Gravity editions for 2024.

Dual motor AWD Gravity SUVs carry seating for 5 or 7 ensuring leading interior volumes thanks to dedicated EV engineering. Prices float around $85,000 upwards for 500+ mile Project Gravity editions flaunting California studio design plus tech like panoramic displays, glass cockpits and a “wellness” cabin atmosphere. 2024 Gravity deliveries anchor portfolio expansion before cheaper Lucid models turn that luxury EV pedigree mainstream.

BMW i5

Bavaria’s coveted blue-white propeller badge dives deeper electrifying through 2025 by which point the i sub-brand will number 13 members from sporty coupes to family wagons. 2024 sees midsize i5 sedans launching to slot BMW into competitive Tesla Model 3 and Mercedes EQE brackets for global middle class buyers.  

Sharing enhanced CLAR architecture adapted for EVs, expect i5s output around 435 hp letting families silently whisk to 60mph in under 4 seconds. Slick styling, bespoke kidney grilles and revamped BMW OS 8 software keep the 3-series-on-steroids experience pure. 2023 tests camouflaged prototypes in Northern Sweden promising production i5 versions enter showrooms at $55,000 by early 2024 once Spartanburg, Munich and Chinese factories tool synergies between combustion cousins sharing supply chains.  

Lotus Eletre

Legendary lightness obsessing sports car marque Lotus transitions track dominance into electrification by rolling out its debut EV hypercar Eletra in 2023. Lower and wider than Lamborghinis but tipping scales over 1,500kg thanks to contemporary crash structures and 650km targeting battery packs, this 2-door coupe scorches 0-100kmh in under 3 seconds.  

Yet Eletra’s sleek silhouette stays kinetic visual poetry in motion rather than bludgeoned excess. Expect prices around $2 million positioning against Ferrari and McLaren when first 150 units deliver for 2024. Beyond straight line speed, Eletra promises tail-happy precision handling with torque vectoring across tri-motor eAWD that next-gen Lotus ET5 sedans and lifestyle models will soon democratize.

Bentley EV SUV

After dabbling electrification options across the opulent Continental GT and Flying Spur, 2025 sees British emblem Bentley fully switchmodel lines towards batteries only. But not before unveiling its first full electric SUV late 2023 for customer orders primed to fulfill throughout 2024 and beyond. 

Spy photos from testing prove Bentley’s future zero emission SUV preserves imposing swagger sized similarly as the Bentayga and Lamborghini Urus. Rumors point towards 120 kWh battery packs outputting 750 hp with sub-4 second dashes to 60mph thanks to Bentley quilting every kWh with lavish accoutrements and sharp double-diamond bespoke styling bound to make waiting lists.

Bollinger B3 Pickup

Brawny Michigan-based startup Bollinger unveiled angular electric pickup and SUV trucks back in 2020 boasting monster torque specs near1000-ft/lbs thanks to 42 module liquid cooled LFP batteries built in-house. Then delays set in before unveiling clean sheet B3 chassis designs in late 2022 primed for sub-$60,000 sticker bargains once production secures.

Bollinger B3 pickups and SUVs enter first customer builds during late 2023 for ramp up in 2024 as patents get filed around Bollinger’s battery cassette systems promising improved thermal management plus easy stack expandability. With aerospace composites meeting military manifolds, Bollinger’s rugged rides prove EVs maintain uncompromised utility beyond pavement for American ranch and adventure buyers.

The EV models coming by 2024 paint an exciting picture for embracing electric mobility en masse thanks to expanding model diversity and affordability. As battery capacities keep growing while costs shrink, early adopters will flourish soon joined by mass market majorities. Within the next decade, the auto landscape moves decisively towards electrified powertrains across vehicle segments with ICE either hybridized or abandoned completely. Buckle up for the ride!

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