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Unlocking Minds: The Pinnacle Of Neuralink’s Telepathic Advancements And The Legacy Of Stephen Hawking

Stephen Hawking was a unique chapter in the history of mankind an extraordinary man who ignited a revolution and inspired awe with his intellect, despite facing physical limitations in his body movement. Elon Musk has announced that our technology is advancing to the point where computers and phones can operate with greater cognitive power than Hawking. Facilitated by one of Elon Musk's platforms, Neuralink, telepathy is poised to initiate a revolution in human history. Following successful tests in animals, it has also proven effective in human trials.

Mind-Linked Revolution: Elon Musk’s Telepathy Triumph

Telepathy involves a direct connection to the brain. Viewers familiar with the X-Men film series would recognize characters like Charles Xavier, who can operate using their minds. In practical terms, this means that, akin to Xavier, individuals could control a mobile phone in front of them without physically moving their hands, instead using their minds. Elon Musk has announced a breakthrough in telepathy, a technology that has undergone successful testing in both animals and humans. The prospect of testing and achieving success in a broader population in the future marks a significant milestone for humanity.

Neuralink’s Telepathy Revolution: From Limbless Monkeys To Human Trials

For example, individuals who have lost their limbs or have limited body mobility, like Stephen Hawking, express a strong desire to operate a system and use a mobile phone like others do. They are the first to be targeted by this telepathy. Elon Musk's Neuralink was granted permission to test in 2023, and the experiment has been successful. The examination duration is six semesters. The next step will be taken after six years of physical observation of a patient by implanting a chip. In the first phase, people with ALS and neurodegenerative diseases were tested.

After this announcement, thousands of people have come forward. Naturally, to implement this, a chip has to be attached to the brain. This involves a surgical procedure where a part of the brain is removed and replaced with a baby computer, emitting only one-fourth of the light, affixed to that region. The individual will undergo an 18-month observation period, accompanied by visiting researchers. Throughout the trial, participants will be trained to use the keyboard and mouse. The initial telepathy experiment involved a monkey, which successfully played a ping-pong game on a computer without using any limbs. Beyond monkeys, pigs were also subjects in the tests, and the video footage was released by Elon Musk’s Neuralink.


When the experiment was conducted on animals, it faced widespread criticism, with people labeling it as brain hacking an action perceived as anti-human. Nevertheless, now that the experiment has been declared successful, further studies in the future validating its safety would mark a significant achievement. If subsequent research demonstrates no issues, it could be deemed a major breakthrough. 

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