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YouTube Is Silently Testing This Feature That Can Make You Angry

It is often said that there is a cost for the things you get for free. And in reality, it costs you more than the usual worth. This time the largest video-sharing platform YouTube is making its users cost their valuable time through back-to-back five ads if they are not their Premium Members. It all started when some users who are not subscribed to YouTube Premium started receiving five unskippable ads. Currently, YouTube shows only two unskippable ads which is still acceptable to a free user. But, it seems that five ads have irked many, as several users have expressed their disappointment on Twitter and Reddit.

While voicing their frustration on Twitter one user wrote: So YouTube 2 ads weren’t enough now y’all wanna play 5 ads that no one cares for AND I CANT SKIP? While another was convinced that it might be a way to get more premium subscribers.

Currently not all YouTube Free users are experiencing the “5 ads before your video starts” situation, so it seems like YouTube is currently testing out the bumper ads feature among selected YouTube Free users. As of now, most users who are not paying premium subscription charges are only receiving up to 2 ads before they can enjoy their streaming, but it is not known whether the “5-ad format” change will be rolled out to all YouTube Free users soon.

Has YouTube Responded To The Complaints?

After receiving the tweets about long ads, YouTube issued an official reply on Twitter acknowledging the situation and stating that this will not happen with all the videos and that the ads would not be very long. It was confirmed by the video streaming platform that each ad will be only six seconds long and not more than that. It basically indicated that if there are five ads, then the user will have to wait for approximately 30 seconds to continue watching a video on YouTube.

YouTube tweeted, “This may happen with a certain type of ad format called bumper ads since they are only up to 6 seconds long. If you’d like, you can send feedback directly from YouTube via the send feedback tool."

Take A Look At YouTube’s Unskippable Ads History.

In 2018, YouTube rolled out its unskippable content to all content creators. Before this date, it was accessible only to the selected channel partner programs. It introduced 15 to 20 seconds ads to replace the 30- second non-skippable ad. Though this idea received disagreement from most of the users, it benefits video marketing about brands, products, and services.

Research suggests that 76 percent of the consumers click next to the skippable display ads on YouTube videos like it’s become second nature. The skip is also almost instantaneous. The non-skippable ads gave content creators leverage to earn more money. Though it is purely optional for the creators to display unskippable ads or not but the platform has been pushing these long unskippable since 2020 and 2021. The primary reason for long unskippable YouTube ads in 2020 and 2021 is YouTube’s subscription program, YouTube Premium. It is an ad-free service available that allows users to access YouTube content for  £11,99 per month.

Want To Skip Ads? Here’s The Way!

Most free users know the frustration which comes along with advertisements on youtube. The urge to skip the unwanted ad and move to watch the content of your choice and can be fixed by blocking them. The best, but not free, method of removing ads from YouTube is by subscribing to YouTube Premium. You’ll enjoy not only ad-free content but also background play, download YouTube music to play offline. The price of YouTube Premium is £11,99 per month, YouTube Premium Family for 6 people costs £17,99 per month and Youtube Premium Student costs £6,99 per month. The lowest cost of the subscription in the world is in Argentina and in India.

The other most straightforward way to block YouTube ads on a personal computer is by using Adblock for the YouTube extension. It is a chrome browser extension, and you can easily find it for other browsers too.  You can also consider a few third-party programs like AdGuard for ad blocking. It is capable of blocking ads on Windows, Mac, Android Phones, and iOS devices. You might have also heard about URL modification. The hack sounds too good to be true but it works. You just need to modify the video URL by adding a period after dot com.

Meanwhile, YouTube Launches An Ad-Free Video Player For Education

According to The Verge report, YouTube introduced new features for creators and institutions using the platform for educational content. It informed the world of its plan to launch an embeddable video player for education apps that removes ads, external links, and recommendations so viewers can “avoid distractions.” In a blog post, the giant video-sharing platform said: Having a player without YouTube’s recommendation algorithm built to keep you watching and serve you new content is probably good for students using the platform for school.

Though the move is being seen as an attempt by YouTube to establish itself in the digital education tools market but it will allow certain creators to make free or paid courses with playlists of videos set up for audiences. The Verge report said that if a viewer buys a course, they’ll be able to watch the content ad-free and play the videos in the background. Courses will come to the US and South Korea first in beta.

Is The Ad And Recommendation Free Player Will Be Open To All?

Only the selected partners will be able to enjoy the perks of an ad and recommendation-free player. It involves education tech companies like EDpuzzle, Google Classroom, Purdue University, and Purdue Global.

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