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Former Mayor of NY hit with a Sexual Assault Lawsuit

Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons

The former mayor of New York City, Eric Adams has been rocked by a lawsuit, filed by a former employee of his alleged sexual abuse by the mayor back in 1993, during the time the victim was working at New York’s municipal transit police bureau, alongside the mayor, who also was an employee at the same place.

As per the victim, the assault took place when she had gone to him for assistance in getting rid of a negative office environment.

Lorna Beach-Mathura, who is the victim here, has filed a 26-page civil complaint to the New York State court in Manhattan, stating that the Mayor had allegedly groped her in her car when the same was parked alongside the Hudson River. The conditions were so because Adams offered her a ride back home.

Adams was the most sought-after person to get along with, as per the victim, as he had been a police department officer, and a leader of an influential group called the NYPD Guardians Association - which advocated equal rights for blacks.

Since the publicity of the complaint, Adams has straight out denied the allegations, as per his cabinet’s spokesperson.

The following work years since that incident, have made a huge impact on her professional life, as she never saw a promotion coming her way, constant belittling, passive discrimination, etc. all while working as an administrative aide.

The complaint document stated that Adams had initially promised to drive home, and along the way, talk her through her problems in the workplace, and help her get ahead in her career. The car took a turn to a sinister place where the assault took place.

Adams had demanded oral sex from her, forcefully held her to a compromised position, and continued assaulting her, after the ordeal, she was dropped off at a local subway station, as per the reports.

Since the incident, Adams has flatly denied the accusations stating, “It did not happen. That’s not who I am. That’s not who I am in my professional life. It’s just something that never took place,” he said at the time.

This lawsuit was filed under New York’s Adult Survivors Act, which provided a platform for the victims to come forward with decades-old sexual assault incidents, even though there have been various limitations placed.

As per reports, while Lorna always was aiming for a senior position within the department, she got overlooked by the management every time a rising cycle took place, and it was assumed by Lorna that her skin color had everything to do with the inconsideration.

The NYPD Transit Bureau, and the NYPD Guardians Association, along with New York City itself have been named as defendants in this civil lawsuit, as each of them had connections to the accused and the victim at the time of the incident. Neither triad has made any comments yet on the recent filing.

Source Credit: The Hindu

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