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Headway in UK Smoking Ban

Image Credit: Getty Images

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has put further plans in place regarding the UK smoking ban, which excludes anyone born after the year 2009 from purchasing cigarettes. 


This ban was prompted by an increase in vapes, with an additional bill stating that anybody turning the age of 15 this year will never be able to legally buy cigarettes. It goes without saying that this also includes anybody also under the age of 15.


For those over the permitted age, smoking will not be illegal nor will it be criminalised, meaning that individuals who smoke will be able to continue to do so legally. This marks one of the most restrictive bans on smoking not only in the UK, but in the world.


However, many are not so happy about the decision. Namely, the tobacco companies that will take the hit. For many, this ban comes as just another step towards a UK that sees their population as tightly measured and controlled.


The need for the ban was also intensified by the vaping epidemic that is plaguing young people in the country. With advertising that encourages the engagement of children, vaping companies need no official ID for the purchase of vapes.


Therefore, there has been a restriction on the flavours and packaging on vapes on offer, so as not to encourage children to purchase them.


This means that the ways that vapes are advertised will change, for example, they will stop being displayed outside of shop windows and will be kept out of reach of children. In doing so, Prime Minister Rishi Sunak hopes to curb not only the use of vapes more broadly, but more importantly, the unknown adverse potential damage they can do to health.


Sunak believes that in doing so, there will be less strain on the already busy NHS. The ban tobacco and vaping bill is set to appear in the House of Commons on Wednesday 27th of March. Although no date has yet been set for the debate between MP’s regarding the issue. Rishi Sunak hopes that it is not far off in the future.


This landmark policy may pave the way for other governments internationally, to help to tackle the vaping epidemic taking precedent in modern day society.


            Edited By: Ayantika Ghosh


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