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Prolonged search over?

It has been almost a month since Abdul Ezedi committed a heinous act towards the mother and her two  children. After assaulting the mother by using chemical solutions, police have recorded the matter  between Abdul Ezedi and the unknown woman, a domestic affair. According to the Guardian, Police strongly believe that Abdul Ezedi's body was discovered in the Thames.Since the incident in Clapham, south London on January 3; Abdul Ezedi has remained at large, and authorities are pleading to people to contact 999 (helpline number) if they spot him.


The Officers said Ezedi was "walking with purpose" to Chelsea Bridge in West London. Additionally, on January 4th, the day after the incident, officers found Ezedi on CCTV leaning over the bridge railings. Ezedi, who sustained "significant injuries to the right side of his face" in the attack, was also injured, and Scotland Yard had made a plea for him to turn himself in.


Moreover, Police added that Ezedi was acquainted with the 31-year-old woman, who is still being treated at the hospital despite what detectives describe as life-changing injuries. It is believed that her two children, aged three and eight, are not as seriously hurt as initially believed. 


 Authorities have claimed that the crew of a passing boat reported seeing a body in the water near the Tower Pier on Monday at around 4 p.m. The body was found by the Met's marine policing team and Scotland Yard reported that investigators pursuing Ezedi had looked at it.


In a statement, Commander Jon Savell said, "We strongly believe we have recovered the body of Ezedi based on the distinctive clothing he was wearing at the time of the attack and property found on his body." His family has been informed of the tragic news by the police.


The 31-year-old woman's health has gotten better. Her status is stable and she is no longer sedated, but she is still in the hospital. Jon Savell said that although they haven't had a chance to talk to her, they intend to do so as soon as she has recovered.


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