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The UK bashed by continuous rain storm since September


Tailing storm Isha, storm Jocelyn has “wreaked havoc across the U.K.”, causing heavy rainfalls and strong wind. On 21 January, two men were killed when their car hit trees brought down by the storm, resulting in fatal incidents. In addition, some households were left without power in Northern Ireland, Scotland, and Northern England, along with severe traffic disruptions


According to the Guardian, the U.K. storm season begins in September 2023 and has produced ten named storms, Jocelyn being the latest. According to Liz Bentley, the chief executive of the Royal Meteorological Society, the consecutive occurrence of rain storms is “unusual”, and weather abnormality has been the byproduct of global climate abnormality. Bently further explained that the storms that the U.K. is currently experiencing were due to the formation of ‘jet streams’, “a band of strong wind to the top of our atmosphere, about 30,000ft, and when the jet stream is active, it develops these low systems and drives them across the Atlantic towards the U.K.” As to the reason behind the formation of ‘jet streams’, Bently later revealed that it was as a result of global extreme temperature, for instance, the freezing conditions across the U.S. 


2023 traffic chaos due to storm Pia


Reminiscing the train disruption in London Euston the week before Christmas due to storm Pia, cable incidents, and the Eurostar strike, London Euston was forced to close the station, leaving travellers confused and hopeless while stranded in the city. Moreover, London Euston was one of many stations affected by the storm; long queues were spotted in London St.Pancras and King’s Cross due to railway cancellations or delays. 


Focusing on Scotland, power has been restored to households in the affected areas of Scotland, and the storm is gradually shifting towards the direction of Northern Europe. Nevertheless, Scotland experiences railway disruptions, with rush-hour trains being cancelled. 


The stormy weather will come to a halt according to the BBC weather forecast, and hopefully, storm Jocelyn will be the last one to set foot on this Island, at least not for a while. 

Edited By: Josh Reidelbach

Photo: The Times

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