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3-Year-Old American Hostage In Gaza

On October 7, 2023, two parents were killed by the Islamist militant group known as Hamas. Recently, it’s been reported that the parent’s 3-year-old American child is now one of the many hostages held in Gaza by the same group. A CNN article titled White House Reveals 3-year-old American among Hamas hostages, reported that the U.S. President Joe Biden held a phone call to Qatar’s Emir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani.

The conversation was about the well-being of the hostages and according to a statement made by The White House, “the two leaders agreed that all hostages must be released without further delay.” The White House however did not reveal much more about the toddler but stated that according to their knowledge the toddler is the youngest and only U.S. hostage being held captive in Gaza by Hamas.

According to CNN, the phone conversation took place days after they reported about the two parties working together toward a deal that would help a large group of hostages be set free. If a deal were to be made, it would mean that hostages would be able to leave Gaza in stages on a rolling basis that would have a priority placed on the extremely vulnerable groups including women and children, and the process is expected to be completed over the course of few days.

CNN also reported in October 2023 that efforts to release hostages became more complicated due to Israel’s expansion of its ground operations in Gaza. They added that a small number of hostages have been released since the war started. This included two American hostages in late October, due to negotiations being made between Qatar and Hamas. After the release, President Joe Biden announced that Israel agreed to have a brief pause to secure their release.

According to an article titled Biden, Qatari emir discuss Gaza, agree all hostages must be released, News Agency Reuters reported about the conversation from Sheik Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani’s perspective, They presented how President Joe Biden condemned the act of holding hostages by the group Hamas, which included many young children, in which one of them would be the 3-year-old American citizen whose parents were killed by the group Hamas.

Reuters also reported additional information about the terrorist group Hamas, including how Hamas ventured across the border from Gaza to Israel to carry out their reign of terror. To conclude, both parties are willing to do their best to get the hostages home safely. It’s a race against time, in which a 3-year-old child’s life is at stake like many others. Let’s hope for a miraculous happy ending.

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