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A Woman Was Jailed After Affairs With Married Man Ends

Image source: Khaleejtimes 

In the UAE, Photographs of the couple were given by the beautician, who also obtained the man's wife's and kids' contact information.

An accused 45-year-old beautician was given a three-month jail sentence for allegedly threatening to ruin a man's name unless he paid her Dh1 million. Additionally, after the accused's prison sentence, the Court ordered the accused to be deported.


The Polish defendant used the claimant, a 57-year-old Australian consultant with whom she had an intimate relationship, as leverage in an extortion scheme, according to evidence presented before the Dubai Criminal Court last Wednesday.


Records state that the woman's discovery of the man's marriage caused their relationship to deteriorate, and she confronted him demanding payment.


"My client paid Dh300,000 to keep his family from knowing about the affair, but the woman allegedly continued to threaten him," the man's Emirati attorney, Awatif Mohammad of Awatif Shoqi Advocates, stated in court.


As per the court records, the pair got married in September 2022 and wanted to focus on their marriage and family, which led to their breakup in March 2023. "She waited for one month after they broke up and then started sending a series of disrespectful messages," according to the prosecutor.

In addition, the beautician called the man repeatedly and threatened to discredit him if he didn't give her Dh1 million. The lawyer also said that she supplied them personal photos of the pair and was able to get the phone numbers of his wife, kids, and other family members.


In addition, if the man didn't pay her Dh1 million, the beautician threatened to discredit him in multiple calls.


In May of the previous year, the man denounced her to the authorities. The client suffered emotional harm and was afraid of losing his family and reputation. In addition to the criminal case, the attorney filed a civil lawsuit and is requesting Dh51,000 in interim compensation.


Sentenced to three months in prison and deportation, the woman was found guilty by the Criminal Court. The referral of the civil case to the Civil Court was also mandated by this order.

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