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Alleged Bosnian War Criminal Found Using Facial Recognition

Living a seemingly normal life, Sead Dukic went to work and made a life for himself in Tennessee. He left his life after the Bosnian War behind him and made a new one for himself in the United States. 

The Bosnian War took place in the early 1990s and involved the small Balkan countries Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, and Serbia. The goal of the war was to ethnically cleanse Bosnia of its Bosniak Muslim population, a job that Orthodox Serbs and Croats took upon themselves. 

For 24 years, Dukic was able to leave the horrors of the war behind and enjoy his life in a stereotypical, red-bricked suburban home with his family. But the life he built was based on a lie.

His name was not Sead Dukic.

His name is Sead Miljkovic and he was on Interpol’s red notice list for atrocities committed in Bosnia during the war according to unsealed warrants. 

Miljkovic attempted to enter the United States with his given name and was subsequently denied twice. The third time he applied, he used the surname Dukic and was granted entry into the country. He managed to fly under the radar for more than two decades but despite changing his name, he was not able to change his biometric features. 

The Department of Homeland Security used facial recognition software to identify and arrest the alleged Bosnian war criminal. Both the search warrant and the criminal complaint did not explain how exactly he was identified as a suspect. 

Several agencies such as the Department of Homeland Security and Customs and Border Protection have been watching him and his home for months. His home was finally raided and many items were seized in the search. According to the search warrant, some of the items taken include “foreign military hardware”, a Serbian flag, and an itinerary for a pre-planned trip to Croatia. 

The only charges Miljkovic is facing in the United States are related to allegedly providing false information in order to obtain a passport. How the government plans on dealing with his alleged war crimes and the subject of his extradition are unclear. 

Miljkovic is one of many alleged war criminals to be arrested in recent years for the atrocities committed during the Bosnian War. The most infamous Bosnian war criminals to be arrested and tried for their crimes are Radovan Karadzic and Ratko Mladic. Both men were directly involved in the genocide that took place in Srebrenica and were held accountable by the International Court of Justice. The massacre claimed the lives of 8,372 Bosniak Muslim men and boys in just one day, July 11, 1995. It is the worst act of barbarity to happen on European soil since the Holocaust. 

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