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An 87-year-old woman in Egypt who did not get a chance fulfilling to study in n a school is fulfilling her dream now

An 87-year-old Egyptian woman is studying in primary school. She is a primary school student in Menoufiya, Egypt. Zubaida And Elaal is learning to read and write in a primary school along with her grandchildren.

The grandmother of 13 has never given up on her dream of studying. She could not study in her early years because her father was conservative. Her father never wanted her to be educated . Her father believed that it was wrong for girls to be educated and that it would affect their family lives.

Her father allowed only his sons to be educated while he kept her away from education. She found an opportunity to be educated and enrolled herself in a primary school.

However, the primary school teacher offered to teach her at home. She wanted to come to school and enjoy her freedom and mix with the students. She wanted to sit in the classroom and at the desk and study. She did not want to be led by someone but wanted to live her life.

The opportunity came when the government officials approached her. The government campaign to increase the adult literacy rate gave her the opportunity to fulfil her dream to be educated and lead an independent life. Suzy Sobhi Sanad, an adult literacy initiative coordinator quoted, "The social soliditary ministry aims to educate a million illiterate adults in the next three years.

When she was working on the adult literacy government campaign she met Zubaida. She found Zubaida to be passionate about education. Inspite of her age she wanted to get educated and even the government officials confirmed with the ministry that she can get educated at such an old age.

She is persistent and loves receiving her education. Zubaida values education and she sent all of her daughters to school. She used to sell goods in front of the school to make sure they did not drop out. Now, she is a living inspiration to others and inspires others to read and write. She knows the importance of education and tries to spread the wisdom of knowledge among others.

Zubaida is planning to get a certificate herself and she wants to inspire other adults to learn how to read and write. Education is valuable to her because she knows that only education will help her lead an independent life. People like Zubaida inspire others to come in the light of education. Illiteracy needs to be wiped away and adults who are still illiterate need to come forward instead of shying away from the government literacy campaigns.

In today's date education is everything.Zubaida inspires others to become educated.She is a living inspiration for all the elderly people to come into the light of education.


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