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Argentinian Vice-President Kirchner guilty, sentence of 6 years

Cristina Fernández de Kirchner, ex-President of Argentina from 2007-2015, often referred to by her initials CFK, has served as the Vice President since 2019.

The Federal Oral Court confirmed her sentence on 6 December, presiding over a corruption case concerning Cristina Fernandez. She was sentenced to a lifetime ban from holding public office and six years in prison after the discovery of many irregularities investigated on the road case on public works in Santa Cruz Province between 2003 and 2015.

“Kirchnerism” is a political movement based on populism, which has been identified as part of left-wing forces and plagued by regulatory hurdles. Moreover, this leadership held ideas based on Argentine president Juan Peron (1895-1974). Furthermore, the Argentine government led by Alberto Fernández keeps similar foot roots.

When Cristina Fernandez served as President, she become the second female president. She did so beside Nestor Kirchner’s husband who was born in Santa Cruz Province in the south of the country. Both maintained the power to carry out greater corruption during her overall government campaign.

As the Clarin Group investigate: “Between 2003 and 2015, the Austral Group obtained 51 contracts worth 46 billion. The prosecution recalled that in May of the year of the beginning of what they called "a criminal organization", Lázaro Báez was a single taxpayer, and his wealth expansion - as stated in the indictment - was simultaneous to that of Austral Constructions: his assets grew by 12,000% and the firm increased its wealth by 46,000%.”

Currently, Argentinian citizens are living in a complex and controversial political climate as they have awaited the verdict. It is a daunting challenge to convict Argentinian politicians of the crimes they have committed, often causing civil unrest under the movement's hegemony.

Against the head of the General Prosecutor's Office N°1 before the Oral Federal Criminal Courts of the Federal Capital, Diego Luciani, and the coadjutant prosecutor Sergio Mola, C. Kirchner posted: “Ah, you didn't see it? Here are the 12 chapters that leave historical and documented evidence of the legal and factual refutation of each and every one of the lies exposed by prosecutors Luciani and Mola”.

Today, a large number of politicians lent their voices to support the Argentinian vice president. "Whatever they do, the people love her" posted Andrés Larroque, the general secretary of La Campara and Buenos Aires’s minister.

On the other hand, politicians from the opposition, primarily closer to Jorge Macri, who was the Argentinian ex-president from 2015-2019, have also spoken out. “Another embarrassing operation by Kirchnerism to muddy the waters and dodge their judicial responsibilities,” said Buenos Aires City Government Minister Jorge Macri in a post on Twitter.


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