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Biden Addresses the Nation


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March 7th, 2024

The president of the United States makes a speech to congress and the American people every year. The speech is called “The State of the Union,” meant to be used as a way for the president to directly address issues or thoughts that are considered necessary. 

In more recent times, presidents have used the speech to address congress and the nation on the state of the country and what the president’s focus will be on going forward. President Biden is holding his speech tonight and he plans to say a few things. He allegedly also plans to make a case for his second term as president.

 He plans to mention different issues of focus and make a case for his second term in office. Susan Milligan predicted a few topics in her article forU.S News and World Report”. Milligan wrote, “he wants to pass a bipartisan border security bill, to protect reproductive rights and what the White House is calling “bold, transformational investments in women’s health research.”  These things aren’t expected to pass in the current Congress” (Milligan). From the article, Biden has a lot of ideas to implement in only eight months. 

  It’s no surprise that he plans to pass a border bill that has been in the works for months and is currently being held away by the House of Representatives. It is believed that the House held out on the bill because former President Trump wanted to make the issue a part of his political campaign. The focus on women’s health has long been a promise from Biden’s first presidential campaign.

 While the plans aren’t impossible, there is a strong likelihood to see Biden’s plans become unfulfilled by November. If his supposed proposals are unfulfilled, it might have a devastating impact on his campaign. It will certainly work in Donald Trump’s favor to have Biden fail to meet any of his important issues.


 Lastly, Biden also supposedly plans to make his case for a second term. After Nikki Haley stopped her presidential campaign, there was some interesting information. Haley did not decide to support Donald Trump’s campaign. Since then, Biden and Trump have been making cases to Nikki Haley’s voters. Kit Maher, Alison Main, and Veronica Stracqualursi reported on the dissatisfaction of Haley’s voters for CNN. The article said, “Many of Haley’s voters have told polls that they would rather vote for Biden or stay home than vote for Trump” (Maher, Main, and Stracqualursi). We’ll see tonight if Biden calls for unity between the voters for Republican Nikki Haley and his Democratic ideology.

This article was edited by Aadrita Halder

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