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Brazilian Journalist Missing in Guinea

Nataly Castro, a Brazilian journalist, went missing in Guinea at the end of October. Prior to her disappearance, she was on a journey to be the first Brazilian woman to visit every country in the world. She had been to over 200 countries so far and had begun her travels in Africa in September.

Nataly was last seen on  October 29th, in Guinéa, where she contacted her family for the last time. She had plans to go on a guided tour and continue her trip through Sierra Leone. After 48 hours of no contact, her family took to social media to seek information about her whereabouts.

A follower, who allegedly contacted the Guinea border control, found out she had gone into Liberia instead and was last seen getting in a station wagon. A different follower, who the family believes was the last person to see Nataly, also stated that they last saw her at the border. She had issues with internet connection, which may be why Nataly has not been able to check in with her family.

Since sharing their last recollections with Nataly's family, the follower has stopped replying to their messages and answering their calls. Which led her agent and mother to post an Instagram story in a state of shock and disarray, urging anyone who had seen her to contact them urgently.

Nayane Carollines,her agent, said "Firstly, I would like to thank everyone who has reached out to us," on an Instagram story followed by, " If you have any contacts we can call or any direction to give us, please do." 

The journalist had been documenting her trip on Instagram since November 2020. Her page has over 100K followers, who avidly follow her journey and closely follow her steps. Her agent has been periodically updating her page. Asking for any information on Castro's whereabouts, as her follower base falls all over the globe. 

In the wake of Castro's mysterious disappearance, an online movement gained momentum as people around the world shared her story and hoped for her safe return. Her agent's quick response to any leads presented by followers. Has transformed Nataly's social media platforms into a virtual meeting point. Where concerned individuals exchange information, share updates, and occasionally offer encouragement.

Nataly Castro's family and agent fervently urge anyone with information about her whereabouts, to come forward and share any details they might have. In their desperate quest for answers, they appeal to the global community, pleading for cooperation and assistance. Each piece of information, no matter how seemingly insignificant. They believe it might be one step closer to unraveling the mystery surrounding Nataly's disappearance. 

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