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Breaking Stereotypes: Mumbai Family Proudly Celebrates Son's 35% Score in Board Exams

In India, academic achievements are often measured by marks, and the results of board exams carry significant weight in determining success. Many Indian parents have high expectations for their children, hoping they will secure top scores as a perceived guarantee of future success. Consequently, the release of exam results triggers a range of emotions across the nation, with families experiencing both joy and disappointment.


However, one particular family in Mumbai has defied stereotypes by joyfully celebrating their son's passing grade in the 10th board exams, despite his score of 35%. The student, Vishal Karad, attended a Marathi medium school and obtained 35 marks in all six subjects, resulting in a 35% overall score in his SSC exams. Rather than scolding or expressing anger, Vishal's parents embraced his achievement and proudly showcased his marks. A video capturing this heartwarming moment was shared by IAS officer Awanish Sharan.


Vishal had already faced numerous obstacles in his life, which turned his academic journey into a challenging uphill battle. Born into a family where his father worked as an autorickshaw driver and his mother as a domestic worker, Vishal and his family relocated to Uthalsar, Thane, just before he entered the 10th grade. Despite facing financial constraints, Vishal's father remained determined to ensure his son's education, going to great lengths to ensure Vishal could attend school, even in the face of hardships.


Given the hurdles Vishal had already encountered, he wondered if his ability to pass the exams. However, thanks to the continued support and encouragement of his parents, he discovered the inner strength to go on.


Translated from Hindi, the caption of the video reads, "A Mumbai student in the 10th grade obtained 35% marks in the examination. However, instead of feeling sad or angry, his parents celebrated his success." The video garnered significant attention on the internet, surprising and delighting viewers with the parents' response.


The family's reaction deviates from the norm of disappointment or anger, instead choosing to embrace their son's achievement.

This story highlights the importance of parental support and perspective in shaping a child's educational journey. Despite facing financial challenges and doubts about his abilities, Instead of projecting unrealistic expectations on him to create a better life for his parents, they provided encouragement and pride in Vishal's accomplishments. Their celebration of Vishal's passing grade sends a powerful message about the value of effort, determination, and resilience, regardless of numerical scores.


Moreover, this story serves as a reminder that success can be subjective and individualized and should not solely be defined by academic performance. It encourages a shift in focus from the pressure of achieving high marks to valuing personal growth, effort, and the unique challenges each student faces.

This story challenges societal expectations and highlights the significance of parental support and celebrating personal achievements, ultimately inspiring a reevaluation of traditional notions of academic success.


Since its upload, the video has crossed 450k views, 8000 likes, and numerous comments, showcasing the positive impact of Vishal's story. One user commented, "I failed in 9th, topped in 12th, was rejected by many top pharmas but got chance to work with Pfizer. It's just like that few things are destined. Gl beta!"





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