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Colorado and Maine rule ‘NO’, but will Donald Trump still run for President?

With the 2024 US Presidential election looming upon us, Donald Trump is the front runner to be the candidate for the Republican Party. But in recent days, the states of Colorado and Maine have ruled that former President Trump will not appear on the ballot paper in their states. But what does this mean for Trump’s chance of presidential success?


However, both rulings are currently on hold whilst an appeal’s process plays out meaning that it is unsure whether Trump’s name will actually appear on the ballot paper in the states of Maine and Colorado. The two states rulings are based on Trump’s actions surrounding the capitol riots following the last presidential election. 


Some may ask whether Donald Trump can still stand as the Republican Presidential candidate and the simple answer is yes. These rulings only apply to Maine and Colorado, which President Joe Biden won in the last presidential election, meaning that it is unlikely that Trump would need to win these states in order to claim back the White House. 


The US Supreme Court is likely to get involved soon as in the new year it will decide whether to take up the case and offer a national ruling on whether Trump can run as the Republican presidential candidate. The Colorado Republican Party have appealed to the US Supreme Court the decision made by the Colorado Supreme Court. Donald Trump’s name will remain on the ballot until the US Supreme Court have made a ruling. Maine’s ruling is being heard in the state’s supreme court however any US Supreme Court rulings could overrule those made by state’s supreme courts. 


The political impact of these rulings cannot be understated. Several other states are attempting to ban Mr. Trump from running as the Republican Presidential candidate in their states and with the Colorado and Maine rulings, they are more likely to succeed. Whether Mr. Trump stands in the 2024 Presidential Election would be a major factor in which party would win the election, as if Donald Trump was not allowed to run in states that were closely fought between himself and President Joe Biden, the outcome of the election would differ. 


States seeking to remove Trump from the ballot paper also include New York, Vermont, West Virginia, Alaska, Texas and Arizona, as well as several other states, whom are all claiming that Donald Trump “engaged in insurrection” during the January 6, 2021, capitol riots on Washington D.C. Section 3 of the 14th Amendment of the United States Constitution states that those who engaged in insurrection is prohibited from holding office. However, it will be up to the courts in each respective state, and ultimately the US Supreme Court to decide whether Mr. Trump’s name will appear on the ballot paper. 


With the 2024 US Presidential Election looming over us, the world eagerly awaits the rulings of the US Supreme Court to decide if Trump can run as the Republican Presidential candidate and as to whether he was actually involved in insurrection. It is unknown which states his name could appear on the ballot paper but, until then, all the world can do is watch and wait for the ruling from the US Supreme Court. 

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